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I went from level 92 Invention to 200M Invention XP in 20 minutes. During this process, I managed to get many milestones. I got 99 Invention, the Invention pet, half a billion total XP, 120 Invention and 200M Invention XP.

I also managed to get rank 1 on the RuneScape HiScores for both weekly and monthly. I decided to do this because I thought that it was neat and something different.

A total of 367 items at level 10 were disassembled. This included:
105x Ganodermic Poncho
105x Ganodermic Bottom
157x Crystal Halberd

I gained 177.4 million xp in 20 minutes. :)

If you want to watch, I made a video of it. Just look up;

RuneScape 3 - Invention - Level 92 to 200M XP in 20 minutes

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