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Sylvanna Ree
Aug Member 2009

Sylvanna Ree

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CC Name: Eye On The Sky
Friends Chat: Eyeonthesky --Join this to Join Us!
Clan Chat: Eye On The Sky --Join this for our citadel!

Clan Leader: Sylvanna Ree (USA)
Clan Founder: Sylvanna Ree

Co-Leaders: Evillyn19 Representing Australia! Rage of Hell Representing Europe!

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Sylvanna Ree
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Sylvanna Ree

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This is a step by step guide to our rules.

Language--- I'm going to be blunt here. In the hierarchy of curse words, ass, damn, hell are allowed. Anything beyond is not. Anything previously blocked by the filter is not allowed. No f's or s's. No b's. etc. There are cultural words. They are not allowed.

No offensive, racist, gender-ist, drug related comments or topics. You will be kicked after 1 warning. Sorry, no blonde jokes, racist jokes, genderist jokes, no drugs, INCLUDING ALCOHOL EXCEPT RUNESCAPE RELATED products. This is because drinking ages vary from country to country and someone may be underage.

You are required to be a decent human being. We have had some members in the past that did not meet this requirement. If someone just is negative and causes trouble all the time. They need to be told to keep their drama for their llama or chin up.

No predatory remarks, flaming, trolling, or spamming. If someone says, ";I love bots!" Don't take the bait. Just tell them that saying things like that are against our rules. If someone spams, auto kick. If someone flames, auto kick. Trolling is not welcome, they can be warned to shape up, and then kicked if they do not.

No Begging.

You are to be considerate, helpful, and honest.

No whining, griping, hatin’ or otherwise Emo behavior. We want to support you. We want to be here for you. If you continue to hate yourself in the friends chat, we don't want it. If this cannot be talked out, we kick/ban.

No Flooding the chat. Please do not post more than 5 lines per minute. Don't talk all the time. It's that simple.

Talking Hacking/scamming/gambling/luring will cause you to be automatically kicked from the cc. If someone is saying they got hacked etc, that's different.

ANY MEMBER NOT FOLLOWING JAGEX'S RULES WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR BANNING. You are expected to follow Jagex's rules above all. If you cannot do this, you are unwelcome here.

If you see something, say something!

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Sylvanna Ree
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Sylvanna Ree

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Activity Rules


No freeloading. If there is someone new, and they just don't get it the first time. That's fine. Let it go. If they do it again, they will be kicked.

No arguing or bad language at stars. Make sure public chat is positive and represents the clan.

Scopers: Please do not have any potential spotters on ignore, no matter what personal problems are between you. This is counter productive.

Everything else including Bossing, Dungeoneering, and Skilling:

Just join us. We skill all the time.

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Sylvanna Ree
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Sylvanna Ree

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Star Information:

If you would just like a star report or list of stars:
Please ask, “Any star reports?”

If you would like to join us in hunting a star:
Please ask, “Can I help spot?”

Important Definitions:

Freeloading: Not being assigned a spot on the clan star and mining anyway.
Spotting: Being assigned a spot on the clan star after you volunteer.
Scoper: Someone who stands at their Player Owned House telescope and tells everyone where to go and what time the star will land.
Clan Star: A star that we hunt together, if you ask for a spot. People who do not spot may not mine.
Open Star: A free star! Anyone can mine.
Open CC Star: Only open to those members of the cc.

Greetings newcomer! Welcome to the friendliest star cc on the block. We have lots of oldbies helping you newbies to become great star hunters. You might even have your own star cc one day.

You need 200 dust to get the maximum reward.

The maximum reward is 50k, 152 cosmic runes, 20 gold ores, and 54 astral runes.

You collect the reward by talking to the “tubby” or alien inside a mined star.

If you have 200 dusts, and you do not want to mine, you can always use a tubby; just wait until after we shout “Tubby” after the star!

You can only turn in your dust 1 time a day, but you can mine as many stars as you want!

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Sylvanna Ree
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Sylvanna Ree

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If you must take a leave of absence for any reason, let a Bronze or higher know. You will not be deranked for spending time away from the clan or away from Runescape.

How to get ranked:
Your name will be recommended by a Bronze or above.

We will discuss your helpfulness, attitude, how long you've been with us, or any other details regarding your participation.

We have 12 meetings a year [once a month], each one we rank about 3-7 people, depending on what is necessary.

The more we get to know you as a person, the better we can see your strengths!

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Sylvanna Ree
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Sylvanna Ree

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===========Star Report Template==============

Landing Spot:

Time Keeper:

For Serious Star Hunters Only!

Eyeonthesky's STAR BLITZ.

Occasionally, we will have waves where we will do 5, 7 or maybe even 10 stars!

When its time for a blitz, someone will say "WANT A STAR BLITZ?"

Then help us track down the stars by scoping/spotting.


The scopers will choose which kingdom and which world.

Any star with a scoper is a cc closed star. If you spot once in the star blitz, you have access to all the stars. All you have to do is spot one star, and you get many!

Any star that is not covered by a scoper is an open star for everyone.

Also, star talk only will commence at the set up [20 min] of the star. One warning and you will be kicked.

If you choose not to do stars during a blitz, please stay quiet or leave the cc.

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clan Birthdays

16 Jan - Belidus
17 Jan - Eurekatopeka
12 Jan - oReznorocKx
18 Jan - Kamiccolo2
22 Jan - Evil Borg

04 Feb - I am a wolf
17 Feb - Lavender
26 Feb - ZodiacRose

29 Mar - Ronratron

05 May - of battle
25 May - PvM Elysiann

07 June - Da Vincent3
14 June - Pvm Nuts
16 June - Da Harris
21 June - PvM PartyX
24 June - Eots Brid
30 June - Raul Citadel

20 July - Lord Altecx
24 July - Leo Slayer
31 July - Evillyn 19

05 Sept - Ladyjazz24
23 Sept - C Fox9
23 Sept - Rob f7

05 Oct - Ing Lives
21 oct - BugzyBug

03 Nov - Rage of Hell
05 Nov - Sylvanna Ree
11 Nov - Sabatuff / Kabobo
14 Nov - Pavilion5097
15 Nov - mr ROFLCOPTER
17 Nov - Kyndra Raven
25 Nov - evil actie
28 Nov - Azel_Heyes

2 Dec - E Y E O N T H E S K Y
05 Dec - vlark1n

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Rage of Hell
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Rage of Hell

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Shooting Star Landing Spots:

Misthalin (Mist or Misth)

East Lumbridge Swamp Mine (E Lumby Swamp) (lumby)
Mine South-East Of Varrock (SE Varrock)
Mine Next to Champions Guild (Champs)
Just North of Varrock Rune Shop (Rune, Rune Shop or Varrock Rune)

Asgarnia (Asg)

The Mine West of Falador (West Fally) (wf)
Rimmington Mine (Rimmy or Rimm)
Crafting Guild Mine (Craft [guild]) (cg)
North of Mining Guild (Mine [guild]) (mg)

Kandarin (Kandarin)

Coal Trucks Mine (Coal Trucks) (ct)
Outside Magic Guild (Yanille)
Mine South of East Ardougne (Mona)
Mine South of Legends Guild (Legends) (legs)
Mine south of Port Khazard (Port K) (pk)

Crandor or Karamja (C&K) (c and k)

South-West Crandor Mine (crandor) (cran)
Mine by Brimhaven Dungeon Entrance (Brim Dung)
Nature Altar Mine (Nat or Nat Mine)
Shilo Village Gem Mine (Shilo)
Gold Mine North-West of Brimhaven (Horseshoe)

Morytania or Mos Le'Harmless (M&M) (m and m)

Outside Canifis Bank (Canifis)
Outside Burgh De Rott Bank (Burgh)
South Of Mos Le'Harmless Bank (Mos)

Piscatoris, Gnome Stronghold or Tirannwn (PGT)

Mine South Of The Fishing Colony (piscatoris or pisc)
West Of Spirit Tree In Gnome Stronghold (gnome)
In Lletya (lletya)

Fremennik Lands Or Lunar Isle (Fremmy)

The Mine in Rellekka (Relleka)
The Mine on Miscellania (Misc)
Entrance to Lunar Isle Mine (Lunar)
South of the Rune Rock on Neitznot (Neitz)
Entrance to Mine on Jatizso (Jatz)
Mine South of Keldagrim (Kelda)

Kharidian Desert (Desert)

Quarry (quarry)
Outside Nardah bank (nardah)
Mine North of Uzer (uzer)
Vultures Mine (vults)
Duel Arena West of Hospital (duel)
Outside Al Kharid Bank (Al K)
Scorpion Mine North of Al Kharid (scorps)

Wilderness (Wildy)

Mine Next to Zamorak Mage (Zammy Mage)
Wilderness Volcano Bank (volcano)
Outside Mage Arena Bank (Mage Arena)
Hobgoblin Mine (Hobs)
Mine North-West Of Edgeville (Skelly [mine])
Rune Rocks (rune rocks)
Pirates' Hideout Mine (Pirates [mine])

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Son of Telos
Feb Member 2017

Son of Telos

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Scoper: Jakobo222

World: 51

Kingdom: Kharidian Desert

Landing Spot: Duel Arena

Size: 5

Ing Lives: Uzer

Oldgma3: Nardah

Lizzy Queen2: Scorpions

Lavender681: Quarry

C Fox9: Al-kharid Palace

Geromerder: Duel Arena (Congratz on the tag!)

Rage of Hell: Vultures

Thank you all spotters!

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