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´¨) ¸.
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m o o d

Youre invited
to join
We are a close family who enjoy both
Clan thread

-We require a skill total of

-We require you to be
-We have an active
Clan Chat!

-We have players from all over the world
-We are excellent and
-We have simple rules, be
to everyone and follow the
of Runescape

Are you interested? Contact
in game or guest in our clan chat! We cant wait to meet you.
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22-Oct-2021 00:57:00

Blue xoxo
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Blue xoxo

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Hi, and welcome to
The British Elites (TBE)
Community Clan - Going strong since 2004!
TBE is recruiting!! Here's just a sample of the huge amount we have to offer our new members:

-Tier 7 Citadel
- XP boosts, free weekly XP and our own dragon!
-Cash giveaways
- 10mil for the most active member every month and regular prizes given for clan competitions.
-Unique events
- Every night at 8pm GMT, covering a huge range of content. A skill comp every weekend to compete with your clan mates and sometimes also against other clans!
-Event Managers
- Running fun creative events involving skilling, minigames or it could be something completely random!
-PVM Coordinators
- Running a guaranteed low, medium, and high tier PVM event every week as well as our own raids crew.
-Mentoring Assignment System
- Your own personal adviser to help get you settled.
-Activity points system
- Rise through the ranks and involve yourself as much as you want.
-Awesome clanmates
- Fierce group events, healthy competition to motivate you to get those levels, top notch advice from dedicated players and a wicked sense of humour!
- Communication choices
- Discord and our own offsite forums, plus clan chat.


100+ combat p2p
At least 4 activity points per month
Abide by our rules and codes of conduct

About us:

Established 2004
Community clan
Home world 82
Around 100 mature active members

How to Apply:

Just type 'The British Elites' into your favourite search engine to get to our forums and follow the instructions. Any problems, join our clan chat 'The British Elites' and we can help you through the process or just drop in to say hi!

22-Oct-2021 08:19:38

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Hello Vital JSAx!

It's good to see you return to the world of Gielnor!.


We are a
social, community clan
that strives to create a home for anyone looking for a relaxed, fun environment.

If you're looking for somewhere to group up and meet new people, look no further! We want to discover the best of Runescape together!


Benefits We Offer

190+ fellow adventurers and clanmates
Seasoned veterans to help you & answer questions
Weekly recurring events
Relaxed & mature chat and Discord server
Tier 6 Citadel
All inclusive & LGBTQ+ friendly

How to Join

Guest in our Clan Chat anytime. Type in ''Keepers of Yggdrasil'' to find us.
Join our Discord server here:

Visit our Clan Forum post
to learn more information.

Hope to see you soon!
Keepers of Yggdrasil -

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Salutations and well met,
Vital JSAx
! I'd like to cordially invite you to join
The Gladiatorz
. :)

Welcome back to the game, and welcome to RS3! I hope you are enjoying your exploration, and would love to see you enjoy learning the game with us. :)

As a
community clan
focused on enjoying ourselves and enhancing each other's experience, I sincerely believe we are exactly what you are looking for.

We have members from all over the world, including the U.K., so you will always be able to play with others!

Do check us out. :)

I'm including some basic information below for your perusal.

Clan Chat: The Gladiatorz / Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
Founded: February, 2001 / Home World: 39
Leaders: Deathcon and Bleedblack
Clan Type: Community / PvM / Skilling / Daily Events / Monthly Competitions

We're the oldest active clan in RuneScape, having been around for
20 years
! With our large yet closely-knit community, relaxed attitude, daily events, monthly competitions, and clan members knowledgeable on every front, we strive to enhance each of our clannies' RuneScape experience. We have clannies from all over the world, of all skill levels, and with all sorts of interests, so there is always someone to play with.

Our only joining requirement is that you're
, as our events cater to those with membership. For more information about the clan, you can find our clan topic here. Our clan chat is always open to guests if you have any questions or want to chat! To apply, please navigate to our off-site forums at:

"Greatness is Forever"

24-Oct-2021 00:55:53

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We are the
Hail the Hare
! We are a baby newly born clan and we are seeking for people to help us grow and built a friendly community with a nice enviroment!

We have discord server and we are very active and talkative (hehe)
It would be a pleasure have you in our clan <3

Hail the Hare!
Girls with dreams become women with vision. &#129419;

24-Oct-2021 03:43:04

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