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I used to play RuneScape back in 2008 and haven't played since. I am looking for a clan that covers all facets of the game and is willing to make friends with a noob and help where needed :).

Thank you!

14-Oct-2021 17:02:44

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Shadow Lords

The Shadows Call to You

Quick find code:290-291-237-65943573

Small group of RS players who like hanging out together. We play other games also (Among Us/COD//Minecraft/Golf with Friends and like having game nights/movie nights in discord voice chat together. We aren't strict, there's no capping requirements, and there's a simple ranking system - just here to hang out and skill together.

Come guest in our clan chat and/or PM Forestis or Daldalus about an invitation.

About Us

Small/community oriented


Ironman advice
CST/EST timezone based
T7 Citadel

14-Oct-2021 17:03:42

Finn Dove
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Finn Dove

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Hi Nexodous!

Edge of Epiphany may be just the clan you are looking for! We’re a young clan formed by a group of long-time players. Collectively we have a pretty thorough knowledge of all aspects of the game and we love to share and help each other along. We welcome anyone 18+: skillers, pvmers, bossers, questers, f2p, p2p, iron – the more, the merrier! We’re all about having fun in a relaxed, encouraging, drama-free atmosphere.

We believe clan membership should be both rewarding and entertaining. We run a friendly, active, and open clan chat and have a robust Discord as well. We have in-game and in-discord events from skilling parties to pvm groups, voice chat gatherings, streaming demos and critiques, minigames and D&Ds, even the occasional movie. We have a suggestion box too – we’re always open to new ideas.

You can click the link below in my signature to get to our recruitment thread with full details or just pop into clan chat to check us out or ask for an invite!
Edge of Epiphany
- Deputy Owner
We're Recruiting!

14-Oct-2021 17:44:02

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Welcome to the Adoughment recruitment thread!
Adoughment was founded on Oct 17th, 2017! We are an all inclusive
clan focused on providing an environment for everyone with events
focused around members' interest.

We are starting from the bottom and remaking ourselves what we
Once were before. Although Adoughment could of easily disbanded
As friends we have stuck together through this time of growth in
Our personal lives. Now welcoming everyone back home, we wish for
You can join us. Let us show you what we offer!

.¸¸.•´¨We provide the following´¨•.¸¸.

Knowledgeable players to help you with game content

Chill atmosphere, English-speaking chat

Well-managed Discord server; ask for an for an invite

Handful of events

Progressing clan citadel incl. avatar habitat

No requirements to join


How to join or check us out?

Join our Clan Chat Channel, stay, hang, or ask for an invite

Apply with our application on our forum thread and we will do the rest


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Solveig Mor
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Solveig Mor

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Hello Nexodous!

I think you'd be a good fit for our clan! Come by and say hello!


We are
social, community clan
that strives to create a place for all to call home while enjoying the game we all know and love (or love to hate).

We are a mature, chill clan that wants to be a part of your Runescape journey. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and just have fun.
I've left some information below so you can learn a bit more about us!


Just a Few Benefits We Offer

Seasoned Veterans to Help, Teach & Answer Questions

No Requirements to Join

Weekly Recurring Events

Relaxed, Mature Clan Chat & Discord Server

Fair & Simple Ranking System

LGBTQ+ friendly

How to Join

Guest in our Clan Chat anytime. Type in ''Tromso'' to find us.

Join our Discord server here:

Visit our Clan Forum post here to learn more information.

PM myself or one of our staff or key ranks for an invite.
Morwena x

Owner, Tromso

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~~Trash Pandas~~

We are a community clan looking to welcome new members! We offer monthly competitions, frequent in game activities and events and love helping each other with everything from skilling to killing and all the quests in between! We have an active Discord where members can connect as well. Feel free to ask for an invite or guest and meet our awesome members! Find us running around World 1!

US Based - CST
Tier 7 Citadel (capping not mandatory)
Requirements: 1250 Total Level and a positive attitude!
HomeWorld: 1

Group Bossing
Advice from Veteran Players
Elite Dungeons
Skill Together
Fun Events
Accepting of All

14-Oct-2021 22:07:17

x0 Ryan
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x0 Ryan

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Come PvM in a non elitist environment!

Amicable is a helpful, experienced & knowledgeable clan that regularly hosts PvM events for veterans and learners alike

Get to know us a little

- 2000 total level requirement to join - a clan of high level players!
- Players from around the world, active at all hours
- Raids every two days!
- Reaper help!
- Regular team forming for: Solak, AoD, Vorago, Raids, RoTS, Raksha, Elite Dungeons
- Learner friendly, non toxic environment


Tell me more!

- Established in August, 2021
- Active Discord voice chat, come hang out!

- New clan - help build our future!
- Did I mention that WE TEACH BOSSES!
- Any role, any boss, any time
- Laid back, chill environment
- Home world: 66

If you like to PvM, if you're eager to learn, or if you're just a chill dude/dudette,
is probably the clan for you. Come hang out!

14-Oct-2021 23:13:05

Icy Legacy
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Icy Legacy

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We must become the change we wish to see in the world.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Idiots is a well established social, skilling and pvm clan with a diverse international member base. We have all types of members. We have pures, ironmen, pvmers and members that like to train in all skills or just bankstand. We also run fun competitions and events for those that would love to get involved.

We have a couple of requirements that include having a 1800 total level and to be friendly. If you meet those requirements and feel like we might be a match for you, please feel free to guest/join our clan chat.

Clan Information

Clan Homeworld: World 66
Established: September, 2021

We are a newer clan looking for members to have fun with!
We have an active Discord server that promotes learning and fun.

Why should you join us?

Teaching, helping and the chance to learn new bosses!
Approachable and respectful leadership
An International Clan!

Ranking Structure that awards hardwork

Feel free to join our Clan Chat and get to know every single one of us personally! Make sure to review over our clan rules, they are pretty simple and are there to make sure we have the most positive experience as possible! Our Clan Chat is always open for guest!
¸°ˆ ›,
¸• ¨¨°¸

¸*ˆˆ*+;„¸¸,.`-'´ ., ¸¸ .'
¸‹*ˆˆ*›. ,¸ ¸,.'

, ¸ ,.¬ ˆ ˆ ¬.,¸ ¸,.·´
Icy Legacy

14-Oct-2021 23:56:07

Ms aASHSteel
Oct Member 2004

Ms aASHSteel

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We cordially invite you to join The AFKers!

If you are looking for;

Non-elitist, non-arrogant, non-boastful environment
Helpful community
Respectful atmosphere
Then we are your go-to hub!

About The AFKers

The AFKers is a clan open to absolutely everyone! There are no combat/total level requirements.
Only Requirement:

Gain a total of 1 Million experience per month.

We simply seek peaceful, respectful, and friendly players who love RS, and also love to AFK ^.^
We offer clan Discord and ask for all members to join if able.
I•I Mobile Friendly , AFK While @ Work!! I•I
Citadel capping is not required but highly appreciated!
Open for guests at any time, Join “The AFKers” in game clan chat.
Still growing clan, which makes it the perfect opportunity to join and grow with us while getting to know everyone!

If interested in us, please join our CC for an invite, or add/speak to any of the Staff or
Ms aASHSteel - Palmetto Rob

Quick find code: 290-291-399-66095987

Hope to see you soon!

Finally Maxed: 5/17/15
:P <3
Proud Founder of The AFKers

15-Oct-2021 12:59:37

Nilas Wen
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Nilas Wen

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Astral Turtles

We are Astral Turtles!

I will try and make this as short and sweet as possible :-)

Astral Turtles is a family. We look out for each other. We aim to grow at a steady pace which allows you to get to know eachother instead of having to meet a new person every 2 minutes. :-P

We have an active clan chat, discord, and offer a wide variety of events to offer to our clannies, meaning there is something for everyone! We do things like PvM, skilling, minigames, questing, all while enjoying great company in clan chat. :-P. We are a friendly, no requirement social clan, so your game progression doesn't matter to us, as long as you're active and friendly :-)

Events and capping are not mandatory, but appreciated :-).

If you would like to join, join our clan chat or Discord as a guest to arrange an invite, or PM one of our contact points in game. We always keep our PM's on!

Contact points :

Impkiller255 -/- sxiu
Juicy Soup -/- Rokudaiiime
Slopppo -/- Astral Dom
Papa Pyric -/- Tomam

Clan Information:
• Clan Chat: Astral Turtles
• Home world: 88
• Clan Time: GMT / EST - Events are made to suit most time zones!
• Citadel: Tier 7 - Maxed citadel with Dragon
• Voice Chat: Discord - OR
• Requirements: None
• Thanks to clan updates everyone has a permanent 3% xp buff which can be increased up to 6%!

Click here for our recruitment thread!
Astral Turtles

15-Oct-2021 16:00:18

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