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Z i a n
May Member 2014

Z i a n

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Howdy all. I'm obviously here looking for a clan.

So a bit about myself. I'm Zian (or Christopher). I'm 34 from the UK and have 2 children. I've played RuneScape since around 2011, taking some breaks during big life events, but I've been back for a bit. I normally play on an evening around 9PM-12AM UK times, so if your clan is based overseas, feel free to let me know as well.

I'm looking for nothing in particular, but I would like to rule out merching clans. I don't really fancy getting into that.

What I do like to do is basically waste time doing nothing, and spending a lot of time talking. I normally would cap at a citadel every week without fail, so that's hopefully a plus. The size of clan doesn't worry me. If your clan has 10 people, but are active, then for me that's fine too.

I'd be open to learning how to do bosses, I'd be open to do things like dungeoneering etc, I'd be open to just a social clan, I'd be open to anything really (just like I said, not a merching one).

A few stats if you have minimum requirements:
2802 total levels (2821 inc. virtual),
499m total exp,
363 quest points (soooo close to that quest cape),
I've got the kiln capes (although prefer my max cape),
T90 armours,
All 3 noxious weapons (no bossing skill, experience or talent though).

So if I sound like someone you could see in your clan, feel free to drop me a message. I'll be honest, it's more likely that I'll respond to a personalised message rather than a copy/paste job.

21-Oct-2021 15:57:56

Finn Dove
Mar Member 2019

Finn Dove

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Hey Zian!

Edge of Epiphany could be a great clan for you! It’s a laid-back, chill clan formed by a group of long-time players with tons of experience who love to share what we know about the game and help each other along. We’re all about having fun with friends in a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere.

Our fearless leader is from the UK and we have a solid UK contingent, tho we are a global clan. We have a number of players with children as well. We have a wide range of players at all levels with many, varied interests. We welcome anyone 18+; skillers, pvmers, questers, f2p, p2p, iron – the more, the merrier! We have in-game and in-discord events from skilling parties to pvm groups, voice chat gatherings, streaming demos and critiques, even the occasional movie. We have a suggestion box too – we’re always open to new ideas.

You can click the link below in my signature to get to our recruitment thread for full details.

Just pop into our clan chat to check us out or ask for an invite!
Edge of Epiphany
- Deputy Owner
We're Recruiting!

21-Oct-2021 16:04:28

Feb Member 2020


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Hi Z i a n :) I am the owner of a clan called Cairdeas (the Irish word for friendship). We are a laid-back, helpful and social clan and enjoy hanging out whether PVMing (we're really enjoying doing Croesus as a clan at the moment), doing weekly penguin hunts or our weekly clan citadel cap parties. We also run events like seasonal costume and skilling competitions.
Most of our members are in European and North American timezones, which would suit you.
Feel free to PM me in game to find out more.

21-Oct-2021 16:05:22

May Member 2020


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Hello Zian! I'm part of a laid back, social clan called De Novo & you are more than welcome to give us a try! No requirements here :) we have members from all over so our chat is always busy at all hours, feel free to guest & see what we're all about!

If you'd like, you can also pop into our discord at

(I copied/pasted the discord link so I hope that isn't cheating ;))

21-Oct-2021 16:16:47

Z i a n
May Member 2014

Z i a n

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Thank you to all that have taken the time to reply to me here. I'm happy to say that I've been invited into (and accepted) the invite to join a clan that sounds like it hits everything that I was looking for in a clan.

So again, thank you for your time everyone, and I wish you all well in your searches for clan-mates.

21-Oct-2021 16:20:30

Fatal Zanik
Jun Member 2021

Fatal Zanik

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Hey Zian! You need to look no further than The Gladiatorz! We are a very social group of fun players that's are active 24/7. We also hold clan event where we teach bosses! I've been teaching quite a few people about Croe! Were not a merching clan at all. Hit me up or feel free to come guest our CC and see why we are the oldest active clan in Runescape!

"Greatness is forever"

A preview of our events

About us:

» Oldest active clan in Runescape
» An active, relaxed and mature clan
» International member base, 24/7 activity
» Aim to interact and develop meaningful friendships
» Work to make our members' Runescape experience more enjoyable

What we offer:

» A Homeworld, W39
» Off-site forums and a voice chat server
» Tier 7 Citadel
» Loyalty ranks and teams to join
» Two mentors for all new members' first month in clan
» Players with advanced knowledge of the game offering advice to all
» PvM: Raids, Vorago, AoD and various other PvM events including teaching events
» Skilling/PvM Comps with in-game prizes, voice chat based events (Karoke, CAH etc)


» Check out our recruitment thread by clicking here
» You are welcome to guest in our clan chat any time
» Send me or our leaders Deathcon & Bleedblack a PM
» Apply at our off-site forums. Google "The Gladiatorz" or check out the pic below for url

More Info Here

21-Oct-2021 16:28:28

Solveig Mor
Dec Member 2019

Solveig Mor

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Hello Zian!

You may enjoy our humble group! Come by and say hello! :)


We are
social, community clan
that strives to create a place for all to call home while enjoying the game we all know and love (or love to hate).

We are a mature, chill clan that wants to be a part of your Runescape journey. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and just have fun.
I've left some information below so you can learn a bit more about us!


Just a Few Benefits We Offer

Seasoned Veterans to Help, Teach & Answer Questions

No Requirements to Join

Weekly Recurring Events

Relaxed, Mature Clan Chat & Discord Server

Fair & Simple Ranking System

LGBTQ+ friendly

How to Join

Guest in our Clan Chat anytime. Type in ''Tromso'' to find us.

Join our Discord server here:

Visit our Clan Forum post here to learn more information.

PM myself or one of our staff or key ranks for an invite.

Hope to see you soon!
Morwena x

Owner, Tromso

21-Oct-2021 17:01:25

x0 Ryan
Apr Member 2016

x0 Ryan

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Come PvM in a non elitist environment!

Amicable is a helpful, experienced & knowledgeable clan that regularly hosts PvM events for veterans and learners alike

Get to know us a little

- 2000 total level requirement to join - a clan of high level players!
- Players from around the world, active at all hours
- Raids every two days!
- Reaper help!
- Regular team forming for: Solak, AoD, Vorago, Raids, RoTS, Raksha, Elite Dungeons
- Learner friendly, non toxic environment


Tell me more!

- Established in August, 2021
- Active Discord voice chat, come hang out!

- New clan - help build our future!
- Did I mention that WE TEACH BOSSES!
- Any role, any boss, any time
- Laid back, chill environment
- Home world: 66

If you like to PvM, if you're eager to learn, or if you're just a chill dude/dudette,
is probably the clan for you. Come hang out!

21-Oct-2021 19:01:25

Jun Member 2019


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´¨) ¸.
´ (¸.
m o o d

Youre invited
to join
We are a close family who enjoy both
Clan thread

-We require a skill total of

-We require you to be
-We have an active
Clan Chat!

-We have players from all over the world
-We are excellent and
-We have simple rules, be
to everyone and follow the
of Runescape

Are you interested? Contact
in game or guest in our clan chat! We cant wait to meet you.
´¨) ¸.
´ (¸.

22-Oct-2021 01:10:14

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