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Shadow Lords

The Shadows Call to You

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Small group of RS players who like hanging out together. We play other games also (Among Us/COD//Minecraft/Golf with Friends and like having game nights/movie nights in discord voice chat together. We aren't strict, there's no capping requirements, and there's a simple ranking system - just here to hang out and skill together.

Come guest in our clan chat and/or PM Forestis or Daldalus about an invitation.

About Us

Small/community oriented


Ironman advice
CST/EST timezone based
T7 Citadel

11-Oct-2021 23:15:34

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Black Syndicate

Hello there
! We are a social clan composed of friendly members looking for others to join our family. We are more than happy to welcome players of all playing styles. We are mostly English speakers so we ask to only speak English when participating in conversation within the clan chat. We have a Discord for our members to use and enjoy though joining it is not required to join the clan. Capping in the citadel is not required though we do require you to visit the citadel every week so we may continue building and improving it.

Here is What Our Cloak Looks Like:

Membership Requirements:
-Must be mature
-Be a RuneScape Member
-Must be friendly to all players
-Willing to visit citadel every week

Clan Rules:
-Be respectful to all members
-Harassment or spamming is not tolerated
-Do not advertise or attempt to recruit for other clans in the clan chat
-Do not break any Jagex rules
-Respect other members views
-No offensive account names

How to Join:
You can receive an invitation to this clan by simply joining into the clan chat as a guest or private messaging one of the members! You can also post on this forum and we will do our best to get in contact with you!

Click here to be taken to our forum thread!

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Black Syndicate
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11-Oct-2021 23:30:31

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Hi Preslett :)

Welcome back. You are welcome to come guest and chill in our clan chat
to see what we're like. Hopefully you'll like it and become part of our TCA family. Hope to see you. :)

Clan recruitment thread: QFC

Clan info:


The Clueless Adventurers

. .•*(¸.•*´(¸.•*´+`*•.¸)`*•.¸)*•.

We are a fun, friendly, family type of clan with lots of active events.

+« We are a skilling clan with a
Tier 7 citadel.

+« We do PvM

+« We have been around for over 15 years.

+« We are highly organized with a mature leadership team.

+« We have a fair mix of members of all ages, levels, and skills.

+« We have planned clan events, activities and competitions.

+« We have very supportive, knowledgeable members willing to share their knowledge of Runescape with you.

+« We have an
offsite forum
and even a
clan trailer
which you can find by searching
The Clueless Adventurers
on YouTube.

The clan's primary purpose is to provide a fun, supportive clan experience. We wish that experience to be free of any controversy, drama, and/or swearing of any kind (including abbreviations).

We have a number of high-level players who share their ideas as we all skill together. We like our members to feel like one big family.

We also welcome any questions you may have in the game--feel free to PM or, better yet, use
to join our guest clan chat!


The Clueless Adventurers

. .•*(¸.•*´(¸.•*´+`*•.¸)`*•.¸)*•.

The Clueless Adventurers

11-Oct-2021 23:46:32

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Hi Preslett!

Welcome back to the game! I hope you're enjoying yourself. This game is so special.
I'm not sure what kind of clan you're after, but I'd like to tell you about Clowder. We're a EU/US mixed clan with 65 members (small on purpose so we have a chance to really know each other). We have clan events, a tier 7 citadel and an active Discord server. If those numbers sound interesting to you, feel free to pop by as a guest to see what we're like and if we're a good match for each other. My PM is always open too.
Dedicated Feline Enthusiast
Proud owner of Clowder Community clan - open to all friendly P2P individuals!

11-Oct-2021 23:49:26

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¸.•´¸.•´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•

My clan, KFMLY may be just what you're looking for. We are a social clan and we take great pride for having been going strong for 13 years.

We have no requirements at all to join. We privide a laid back and relaxing atmosphere in which we can all have a bit of fun and banter while we game.

Here's what KFMLY can offer you:

- A
Tier 7 Citadel
Come chat and post your memes in a more open and less restricted service than runescape provides;
- A fair,
points based ranking system
: Xp, Events, Citadel, recruiting and simply time in clan all add towards your promotion;
- Ability to
actively view your rank
progress in the discord, see how close to promotion you are!;
- Over
200 members
covering most timezones meaning someone is always there for you;
Laid back atmosphere
with members of all skillsets happy to assist you in anything you require;
- Our
Homeworld is 58

Please contact me or simply hop into our Clan Chat where any of our members can invite you, no pesky forms to fill out!

I look forward to meeting you and wish you the best of luck if we are not for you,
• Darr •

Leader of KFMLY
T7 Social Clan | No Requirements

12-Oct-2021 00:07:26

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Hey there!

Spirits of Arianwyn is a social clan
. Our main objective is to upkeep a strong and respectful community where people can relax and have fun. We offer frequent events and a maxed out citadel, but none of that is mandatory! We don’t believe in strict requirements as we want everyone to be able to play the way they want to.

You can find more information about the clan on our recruitment banner below (click on the image) and on our RSOF thread found here.

If you’re interested, just guest in our clan chat (Spirits or Arianwyn) and people will help you from there! You are also more than welcome to check our website/forums at

With all the best,


12-Oct-2021 01:53:13

x0 Ryan
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x0 Ryan

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Come PvM in a non elitist environment!

Amicable is a helpful, experienced & knowledgeable clan that regularly hosts PvM events for veterans and learners alike

Get to know us a little

- 2000 total level requirement to join - a clan of high level players!
- Players from around the world, active at all hours
- Raids every two days!
- Reaper help!
- Regular team forming for: Solak, AoD, Vorago, Raids, RoTS, Raksha, Elite Dungeons
- Learner friendly, non toxic environment


Tell me more!

- Established in August, 2021
- Active Discord voice chat, come hang out!

- New clan - help build our future!
- Did I mention that WE TEACH BOSSES!
- Any role, any boss, any time
- Laid back, chill environment
- Home world: 66

If you like to PvM, if you're eager to learn, or if you're just a chill dude/dudette,
is probably the clan for you. Come hang out!

12-Oct-2021 02:32:40

I am Jango
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I am Jango

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Citadel Tier 7, Non-Mandatory
Monthly XP Competitions
Discord Server Available

We are a casual, mid-sized community clan whose goal is to provide a friendly environment for our members to chat, help each other, and just enjoy RuneScape.

There are no requirements to join us, but we are a members only clan. More information can be found here or on our Discord server. New or returning to RS?
We love noobs

Feel free to join our clan chat -
The Halls of Light
- as a guest at any time.
Come sit with us! We are
The Halls of Light

12-Oct-2021 05:02:08

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Hey there Preslett!

If you happen to still be looking for an active Runescape community, you are always welcome to join us!

We are a social/community clan that does a bit of everything. We aim to foster a chill and laid-back type of atmosphere while at the same time keeping things fun and moving.

Feel free to send myself or others a pm in-game if you'd like. You can always guest in our in-game cc (The Gladiatorz) to get a feel for the environment. I've copy-pasted our general information below just for fyi.

And with that we hope to hear from you. All the best with your Runescape gaming!


Invitation To Join The Gladiatorz

Clan Chat: The Gladiatorz / Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
Founded: February, 2001 / Home World: 39
Led by: Deathcon
Clan Type: PvM/Community/Skilling/Monthly Competitions

We are the
oldest clan in Runescape
, founded in February 2001. We offer a warm and welcoming community, a
vast variety of daily events, including PvM, minigames, and skilling
, a Tier 7 Citadel, active off-site forums, and a voice chat server. Our events are primarily held at EST-friendly times, but we have an international membership base and do our best to accommodate everyone.

Membership is open to all with no level requirements.

To join our clan please apply on our off-site forums. Google search for "The Gladiatorz" and we are the first result. Our CC is also open for guesting if you'd like to drop in and get a feel for us. Hope to see you join the community!

12-Oct-2021 20:10:17

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