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0. Preamble:

In contrast to my longer termed Improvements Threads, Quick Fixes are intended to indicate slight problems and get them fixed relatively fast. In case of invention my intention is to make severals aspects of this skill more useful and getting a more diverse use of currently existing materials. It won't be a place to suggest new content though.

All numbers given just are initial ideas and can be balanced out further.

1. General:

1.1 General QoL & Augments

- Allow seeing other Players augments upon examining
- Higher Invention levels now allow to gain more effect of charge limited devices, similar to how the junk refiner already works
- Invention levels now have a more evident effect on perks generated
*Each invention level increases the chance of upgrading generated perks by 0.8 % for 5-rank-perks and 0.5 % for 3-rank-perks. This effect is increased by 5 % each for up to five rare or ancient material used. A chance beyond 100 % guarantees a +1 upgrade and gives a chance on a +2 upgrade the same way.
*Each invention level now reduces the chance to generate a negative perk by 1 %.
- Give out a chat message if an effect occurs. Filters work the same way as they do for combat equipment with passive effects
- Allow players to see all materials, similar to the currency pouch
- Allow to deactivate machines in the Invention Guild in order to preserve energy. They can be re-activated as long as enough energy is available
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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- Make all level dependent xp sources use the adjusted invention xp curve, including dragonkin lamps, jack-of-all trades and penguin points
- Allow players to trade gizmos in person, but not via the GE.
- Allow players to augment the following special, permanent items:
* (Attuned) Crystal Chakrams
* (Attuned) Crystal Armour
* Dragonrider Armour
* Penance Master Trident
* T70 Variant of Ghost Hunter Armour
* T75 Variant of Warpriest Armours
* T75 Variant of Globetrotter Outfit
* T75 Variants of Trials Armour and Vanquish
* Greater Runic Staff
* Enhanced Ancient Staff
* Gemstone Armour
* Recoloured equipment (BA/Loyality/Lucky/Golden)

1.2. Tech Trees

Tech Trees can be really an awful piece of content, if Players are hit by bad RNG. Those changes should diminish this a bit

- Allow Players to freely switch their specialisation upon completing a tech tree
- Replace the oldest task if Players were to obtain a sixth one
- Prevent Players to obtain the same task twice if they don't complete it
- All tasks now either need 100 common parts, 8 uncommon components or a set amount of devices
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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2. Perks:

Brief respite
now also affects Icy Asylum and doesn't reduce the amount of healing anymore.
This way it actually could be an alternative for players not having (elite) enhanced excalibur
now increases the duration of debiliate by 0.6 seconds per rank instead of 6 % and no longer reduces the damage dealt.
Getting rid of a bad trade-off and allows the first rank to work with lower leveled shields and defenders
now increases damage dealt of an ability instead of hitting separately
Players should have more control of when this gets loose
can no longer be obtained by ascended components
It also can give the enhanced version and shouldn't be able to give both
now reduces the threshold for using threshold abilities by 2 percentage points per rank. It also reduces adrenaline consumed for threshold abilities by 1 percentage point and special attacks by 3 % per rank.
This way we now also have a perk for threshold abilities and special attacks
now also increases adrenaline gained for using basic abilities by 5 % per rank
Perk is currently utterly useless, as it doesn't even work in Legacy mode
now is redesigned: The Perk now also works with skilling gizmos and is extended to 3 ranks (existing gizmos are rank 1 after this change) and have a 3 % chance per rank to obtain an item for every monster killed or resource collected or processed. The perk can now also award mahogany planks, uncut dragonstones, grimy lantadyme and cadantine seeds. Instead of dropping the item directly it spawns something to interact, which would send the reward directly to your bank (akin to grace of the elves). The cooldown is removed.
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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damage modifier is now explicitely applied to standing targets. It no longer reduces damage dealt to moving targets
Planted Feet
now has 3 (existing gizmos are rank 2 after this change) ranks and increases the duration of Sunshine and Death's Swiftness by 3 seconds per rank. It now also increases the duration of Berserk by 1.8 seconds per rank, but increases the damage taken by another 10 %.
- Preparation now has a 10 % chance per rank to reduce the cooldown of Resonance by 0.6 seconds.
now also works with weapon gizmos
Player suggestion - details on page 2
can now also be obtained by using Fortunate components. This perk now also works with tool gizmos and every ressource collected
This perk currently isn't assigned to a rare material.
- Shield Bashing is now able to store 5 % of your damage taken (capped at 10 (5 in PvP) % of your health per rank) and allow it to unleash it with your next Shield Bash
perks are extended to 3 (existing gizmos are rank 1 after this change) ranks and now increase damage dealt to respective targets by 4 % per rank.
can now also be generated on armour gizmos
It would allow saradomin components to be used as an alternative to zamorakian ones
now affects every offensive ultimate Ability
This change should be done as the current choice of abilities is somewhat weird
now offers limited protection against extremely powerful poisons
It shouldn't be able to negate high leveled mechanics, but not working at all isn't good as well
- Replace all negative perks by niche ones
A full list is on page 13.
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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3. Devices:

3.1 General:

- Unused Devices now stack in inventory
A device is unused as long as it hasn't been equipped, deployed, Gizmos installed or processed further
- Partially discharged degrade-to-dust devices can now be combined in charges

3.2. Junk Refiner:

The bank stander moved this whole thing into the right direction, but I think it could need one final push

- Reduce the amount of crafted parts used to create to 35, increase the amount of Junk used to 500.
Crafted parts are extremely overused, so consumption could be toned down a bit
- Refining junk can now additionally award one of the following:
1 rare material (0.2 %)
1 uncommon material (5 %)
5 common materials (40 %)
It will check first for rare materials, if this roll fails it will check for uncommon and so on. If all rolls fail it will just award the refined component.

3.3 B.A.N.K Stander:

- Increase materials needed to create, time needed to charge and materials awarded when fully charged
- Make them stackable and have them work like pulse cores while equipped in the pocket slot

3.4 Augmentation Dissolver:

- Increase xp awarded to 770
It uses the same amount of materials as the other two dissolvers, so there shouldn't even be a reason to cut xp awarded by almost 90 %. Furthermore it will give BXP more value then.

3.5 Calorie Bomb:

- Players and NPCs can now benefit of one at any time, Healing done to NPCs is adjusted to the healing value of the bomb (instead of 5 % of the maximum HP)
- Cooldown for deploying is reduced to 60 seconds and further reduced by 1 tick for every 2 invention levels, totalling in a cooldown of 24 seconds at level 120
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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3.6 Electrified Trap:

- Have it work as an universal trap, similar to the rod-o-matic for fishing
- Allow toggeling which creatures you want to attract
- Increase the amount of stave parts used to 30
- Unused ones are now tradeable

3.7 Sprinkler MK1:

- Allow it to protect your allotments from diseases in addition and increase produce by 20 %.
It is currently a downright inferior version of the more commonly available and cheaper white lilies
- Allow them to be stored with tool leprechauns

3.8 Urn Enhancer:

- Allow Players to equip it in the pocket slot

3.9 Dungeoneering lock melter / Book Switcher / Auto-sanctifier:

- Allow Players to trade unused ones
Creation is fine, it could give some additional value though if you could trade them

3.10 Kinetic cyclone / Oldak coil:

- Allow players to keep a copy in their inventory upon placing
Not the cleanest solution, but it will work until the cannon system is getting a proper rework

3.11 Crystal tool siphon:

- Rename it to crystal syphon and allow it to additonally work with other augmented crystal items.

3.12 Herb protector

- Allow it to be stored with tool leprechauns

4. Materials & Disassembly:

- Overcapping materials are automatically converted to junk
- Increase the xp awarded for using stave and tensile parts to 100 per 5 parts used
100 should be the absolute low ground, no need to artificially gimp those materials down even further
- Increase the xp awarded for using knightly, culinary and brassican components to 300 per component used
Although these are fairly common for rare materials, they should at least give the lowest amount of xp you'll get for using uncommon materials
- Crafted parts are now commonly obtained by the items awarding them
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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- Increase the xp awarded for using refined components to 300 per component used
- Using 5 units of rare materials will ensure (Invention level bonus not taken into account) at least a rank 3 perk if it generates this perk successfully
- Allow Cannonballs and Hand cannon shots to rarely award explosive components in addition
- Adjust junk rate to crafting levels required for clockwork items
- Allow to disassemble stone spirits for spiritual parts and imbued or powerful components
- Allow the following items to disassemble into simple parts and variable components (+ additional rare materials depending on item type) (high junk chance)
Basically everything that isn't an item freely reclaimable or restricted by something else should be put in here first
*Prifddinas cosmetics (clan capes, seren symbols)
*Prawn balls, pennies and pounds
*Congealed blood (very rare chance for undead materials)
*Tengu tsubas & Gemstone kasekis (medium chance at resilient or oceanic components)
*Clue scrolls (rare chance of fortunate components)

- Allow the following items to disassemble into level adequate type specific components
*Ceremonial Swords
*Blisterwood weapons (rare chance for undead materials)
*Dragon scale dust
*Harmony moss & seeds
*Harmony dust
*Spirit Gems
*Corrupted Ore
*All kinds of leaping fish
*All kinds of arc resources
*All raw herblore habitat materials & (perfect) juju potions

- Allow the following items to disassemble into crystal parts and very rarely into seren or faceted components
*Urchins of all size (depending on size 30, 21 or 15 at a time - 1 part each)
*Tarddian crystals & crystal fragments (using 3 at at time)
*Cleansing crystals
*Shadow & Light cores
- Allow crystal tree blossoms to rarely award seren and faceted components
- Allow super fishing explosives, chinchompas and nitroglycerine to rarely award explosive components.
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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- All Void Knight items can now be disassembled. Pesterferious components can now be acquired in the following quantities by disassembling following combinations:
*Seals: 10 % chance for 1
*Regular Helmets/Gloves/Boots/Deflectors/Maces: 1 (+ 10 % chance for another one)
*Augmented Korasi's and Jessicas swords (1 for rank 3, else regular multipliers)
*Regular Top/Bottom: 2 (+ 20 % chance for another one)
*Superior or Elite Upgrade: +1 (chance for another one gets increased by 10 %)
*Superior and Elite Upgrades: +3 (chance for another one gets increased by 30 %)

- Improve means of obtaining and tiering of many items ((F2P) QoL Improvements)

5. Bugs:

- Remove Gizmos from exisiting augmented shieldbows once for free
Shieldbows are by design intended to use 1 weapon and 1 armour gizmo (as they're basically an one-handed weapon (damage wise) with a built in shield worn in both hands), Shieldbows augmented before June 13th are able to carry 2 weapon gizmos, which isn't intended nor it should be

6. Conclusion:

Feedback is as always appreciated and I am open to discuss those ideas. If I have forgotten something or you also have some good ideas please notice me.

7. Updates:

13/06/16 Defenders are augmentable now
03/10/16 Gizmos can now be installed in rod-o-matics without having to equip them first
10/10/16 Scaling creatures now award xp
17/10/16 Korasi's and Jessica's sword can now be disassembled
16/01/17 Raptor weapons are augmentable now, 'Planted feet' perk was re-designed
06/02/17 Unused junk refiners now stack
06/03/17 Equilibrium has been fixed
26/06/17 Crystal tree blossoms can now be disassembled
14/08/17 Junk Refiners have been fixed for lower leveled inventors
23/04/19 Miraculous treatment is storable with tool leprechauns now
10/06/19 Checking materials no longer interrupts other actions
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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