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Mobile is great, but I feel it could be much better.

In my opinion, the biggest thing holding mobile back is the control interface. Currently, you have to use both hands to attempt to do things similar to PC, but due to how the panel jumps from the left to the right depending on which interface you have open, there are limitations.

Another thing that is lacking is a good way to swap from left clicks to right clicks, without the need for the delay of holding down to denote a right click.

Therefore, my suggestions are as follows:

First, change how the GUI is split on the left/right depending on which interface is open. Instead make the interface itself permanently on the right side of screen, with the tab selections (inventory, prayer, magic book, etc.) permanently on the left in 2 columns (slightly spaced out to prevent mistaps).

Additionally, add tap to * buttons near the tab interfaces. For example, there could be a tap to right click button, which when pressed, would default all other taps to right click interactions instead of left clicks, bypassing the need to hold for right clicking if the player doesn't desire that (now allowing instant right clicks without defaulting to right clicks). These could all be hidden similar to the shift drop. I would prefer these to require 2 fingers to use, instead of turning on/off, allowing the user far more control over what they were doing (make tap on/off or hold to activate an additional option setting).

Hopefully I explained my vision well enough, feel free to let me know if anything is unclear and needs to be explained better; and of course any constructive criticism is welcome, as usual.

Rough visualization of general idea:

Now of course, I'd want another button for tap to right click, on the left side. This would be toggleable, similar to tap to drop (and you could choose if you wanted these options as tap to activate, or hold to activate in the settings tab also).
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I'll support it, but I don't see the point in it like at all. It was never supposed to compete with PC gaming. PC gamers will always have it better and mobile will always be slower. But maybe that's just because I only enjoy TRIHARD PvM. I'll just take your word on it that others would enjoy this and support the idea. Quit bitching about the problems you created by spite voting.

11-Aug-2019 02:44:25

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Support, the interface split to opposite sides of the screen is annoying and a bad design choice. I should be able to navigate my interfaces with one hand not having to use both.

03-Jan-2020 16:11:28

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I completely agree maybe making setting to change icons from right to left in setting for right/left handed players but exactly what I'm think would be a huge improvement to osrs mobile.. because I'm a mobile only player I currently don't have a pc so any pvm or pvp I do has to be done on mobile and just want it to be alittle more mobile friendly! Amazing idea... ppl everywhere on mobile are talking about this....;) †…†…†…†…†…†…†Skatinordyin†…†…†…†…†…†…†

17-Jan-2020 00:11:48

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