Fix the Easter Ring Please

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Mar Member 2020


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I haven't used the Easter Ring for a long time until tonight. I was goofing around with people turing into the egg and then I noticed we only changed into yellow eggs. Then I looked on the wiki and saw that you can only turn into one color. Can we fix this and turn back into the other colors again? I know gambling was the reason to take it away but I have a solution. When you turn into the egg your first color could be the yellow egg, then whenever you use it it would always follow the same pattern when changing and it would never be random. EXAMPLE: (Yellow egg->Blue egg (with yellow)->Red egg-> Green egg->Purple egg-> Blue egg (red dots)-> back to the yellow egg again) This is such a small update but will just bring a lot of nostalgia back to OSRS! Hello there! I'm literally that Scrub ;)+

09-Apr-2020 06:07:40

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