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Altra Ahrim

Altra Ahrim

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big fan of the child of mah. would be nice to see a unique version of his revival or more quests situated around those whose alliance is to him. how about a master quest which involves aiding him like the song of the elves quest. new content: Armour matching each combat triangle which can be powered through quests, eg proselyte armour updated to match that of zarosian created. or maybe new spells, or even nicking curses from rs3. or a way to power up ghostly robes to match that of zaros.

more magic oriented ways to level. would be nice to use fire runes as a possible way to light logs, or using water magic to get past the desert heat.

anything even a new cape or jewelry
Unexpected moves are hard to counter! tell em what your gonna do then, do it:D

20-Dec-2019 21:51:20

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