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Petition to add availability to switch our inventory and attack tabs. I feel like bossing and PVP would be a whole lot easier to do if my prayers and special attack was on the right hand side of the screen, rather than the left. Us mobile players are already at a disadvantage not being able to use hot keys, I feel like this could help even out the game play.

09-Jan-2020 15:44:44

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I completely agree I wish some how they could move all the icons to one side of the screen left or right depending on the players settings(left) right handed so that mage prayer attackstyle/spec attack show up in same box as invent on right side of screen just to make pvp/pvm easier I have a suggestion picture on my phone but can seem to figure out how to get it add a photo within this post without downloading another app.... :( :(O_o hopefully someone can make a photo to describe what we are talking about †…†…†…†…†…†…†Skatinordyin†…†…†…†…†…†…†

17-Jan-2020 00:07:17

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