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R4 n g 3 r Z
Dec Member 2018

R4 n g 3 r Z

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Rather than a suggestion I was wondering if you had any plans to improve runecrafting? In RS3 you had a mini game to gain experience which was fairley enjoyable. OSRS has nothing really like this which means that this is possibly the least trained skill and one of the hardest grinds on the game due to the exp rates.

09-Apr-2020 14:11:16

Mister Jan
Feb Member 2020

Mister Jan

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Doomofdawest said:
you should check my thread called Runecrafting Remastered lmk if you like any of the ideas

Your solution changes the problem of getting more rune essence from bank to getting more food from bank. Isnt in anyway improvement to current RC.

Overall I agree, the minigame from RS3 is really good, however a bit OP. However it gives at least some alternative and was fairly AFK, which people enjoy. Just cut XP rates abit.

09-Apr-2020 18:01:57

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