New Deco Castle Wars Rewards

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Joe Bill64

Joe Bill64

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I've wanted Castle Wars to have more rewards for a long time. I currently hsve 225 tickets and out of reach of top tier. Saving for it though. Would be nice to have more options to spend on while in the process.

I've always thought the Castle Wars flag would be a neat reward. (both zammy and sara) Just for cosmetic bragging rights. Not every reward has to have stats, imo.

Anyways, good ideas here and I support the suggestion.

>Also, what happened to the black, tan, and white capes? The ones for kills/flag caps? Talkin back in the RS2 days, IIRC. Were they an addition to old armours? I forget. :/ I probably earned 100 or so tickets back then and was never big on combat (mining being my passion.)

31-May-2019 05:12:06

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