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On a laptop, when you open Treasure hunter, you can choose which categories to freeze with hearts. When you pan over the categories with your mouse, you can see what prize you are freezing. Maybe I am missing it for mobile but if not, could you add something like a double click for that part of Treasure hunter on mobile. Right now I have to watch as they scroll by and freeze them that way not knowing if it's small lamp(which I want) or a small lamp(mining)(which I don't want)

By double click I mean one click shows a text on what it is, small lamp, small lamp(mining) and so on and the other freezes it.

Insights are appreciated if there already is a way!


06-Aug-2019 16:20:19

Sorsha 7
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Sorsha 7

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@hyo17 when u open treasure hunter you should see categories top left of the screen with the heart to the side. when on the main screen have you tried moving the row of prizes by dragging?

I don't seem to be receiving my daily login keys when using mobile exclusively. I have missed at least five days maybe more.
Sorsha 7:P

23-Jan-2020 12:39:21

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