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Blue Flame04
Aug Member 2019

Blue Flame04

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same here, also seen others post about this in the master thread. reposting this here

Device name: Samsung Galaxy S8
Model Number: SM-G950F
Location: East Midlands, UK
Wifi: No
Cellular: 4G+
Data Provider: O2
OS: Android
OS version: 9

Playtime (Approx): 1 hour
At the time of the crash I was: opening the bank screen at the grand exchange
Can it be reproduced?: yes, the crash occurs every time I open the bank interface. confirmed not just at GE, also other banks in game. not tested on wifi yet. games completely closes itself. bank interface opens, tabs appear, 7-10 items are rendered then the crash occurs.

19-Aug-2019 20:11:14

Aug Member 2019


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This is weird, is this a problem with Samsung or something? My LG works like before
But my samsung doesn't let me use the bank.
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19-Aug-2019 22:36:37

Kitty Smith
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Kitty Smith

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Also have this issue after today's update. Crashes when I open the bank 50% of the time. Samsung galaxy s7.

Pretty much unplayable at this point.
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20-Aug-2019 00:57:56

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