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when i was doing a quest, i needed to withdraw 4 coins from money pouch. the problem is that u cant withdraw money from money pouch to your inventory, also tried doing that with bank and still nothing. just a tip, that u should do something about it :)

07-Mar-2019 21:37:25

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Just had the same issue and when google ing this came up quick. I realize this happened awhile ago but for those who may be having similar issues,
To withdraw coins to your inventory on mobile go to
Home button in top left > hero > loudout >
scroll to the bottom of inventory on left side of screen >
Long press price checker
Good luck!

09-Nov-2019 03:16:04

Sir Kainoth
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Sir Kainoth

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I have the same problem.
I tried your workaround but there is no Price checker that I can find even in the place you said to look in the Hero > loadout.

Found it
This helped me
Bad Gesture said:
The price checker is in the loadout screen, just open the worn equipment tab on the ribbon then worn equipment stats and scroll down on the backpack (side).

Alternatively hit the menu button at the top left of the screen and go to hero you should see the loadout there if you are not on it automatically.

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