Huge Bug Found on Mobile

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I wanted to make this thread purely because I think the devs need to see it immediately, and that may not happen just by my bug report

Earlier today while sitting on break at work, I was obviously playing rs3 mobile. I wanted to make an extreme Invention pot to do some discoveries for xp.

When I used the Mycelial webbing on the potion, it made the extreme potion, but did not destroy the webbing.

to recreate this to see if it was some sort of GUI bug, I used it on another super invention potion.....and it made another one. I did this 5 times.

I logged onto my account via a PC later, and the Webbing is still in my inventory. So in theory(unless it is just that 1 particular item) it can duplicate either the primary or secondary ingredients in a potion( or possibly anything that needs a primary and secondary item to create)

I am not willing to test this out myself again for fear of getting any sort of ban hammer. Please Look into this A.S.A.P

Also Note : that I was playing with cell data and not WiFi, with a spotty connection. This could possibly impact packets being sent and received in some way.

Thank you for you time!

21-Jan-2020 20:34:16

Bad Gesture
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Bad Gesture

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hello there,
did you ever get the scroll of cleansing dungeoneering reward?
it has the wasteless herblore ability which is what this sounds like.
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yes, I took that into account..

I had no chat log for the effect, and also, at a 10% chance, its unlikely that I would have been able to do it 5 times and still have the web in my inventory.

23-Jan-2020 23:19:49

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