Dragonkin Homeworld?

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So. I believe that I know where the dragonkin lived before their Great Revision.


Evidence 1.
Freneskae is the only world from the previous revision left. If the dragonkin made the dragon weapons, and Linza can make them, and the dragonkin still have Oricalkum( Orichalkum?) ore, then they must get it from somewhere. The fairy who sells dragon swords in Zanaris also states, "Right from Freneskae!"

Evidence 2
Freneskae was the previous universe's perfect world. The dragonkin might be the only life to originate. So, it makes sense it was on the world with the most anima to make life.

Evidence 3

Forcae, the creator of addy and rune dragons, states that he might have to warp the World Gate to get to his homeworld, we couldn't even see the world gate until Sliske got it out the shadow realm in our world, and there are a few in Freneskae, so there could be more linking to those portals on Freneskae to other worlds, like Kethsi for example!

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Huh! I didn't realize that freneskae actually existed before the previous great revision. I don't know if everything you put here necessarily proves the dragonkin were from freneskae, but it would totally be cool to have the story about their homeworld further fleshed out a bit. What's nice about the the dragonkin quest series is that as it continues we'll definitely get some answers to the origins of the dragonkin--it would be nice though to get to visit the plane, or if it's indeed freneskae, to visit the part of freneskae they used to call home. Click here for ideas on exploring other worlds, specifically the human homeworld Teragard. This one's me baby

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