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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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Before I start I just want to say I'm not asking Jagex to make me a mod, this is just a theoretical question.

Do you want to become a fmod or pmod or community helper? Personally, if Jagex offered me to become a mod I'd decline because I don't want to stop making threads and I'd have to delete years of thread ideas to be a God.

Being a pmod would be Godlike but I'd have to help the community and I'm not really interested in that. Muting people is kinda useless imo, it gets automatically overturned after a few hours.

Being a fmod I'd easily pass as I don't want to be forced to have an 8 hr mod shift on a sort of dying forum.

Neither would I want to become a community helper as I'm not interested in helping the community.

I'm not saying doing it for free as a mod is bad. That's how I feel about the mod status.

Let me know if you would accept being a Mod if Jagex offered.

05-Nov-2019 18:57:28

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I wouldnt.. i can help pple as I want. and say what i want. as Mod probably have to
watch what i say sometimes.

And almost everyone (i dont-but lots do) hates pmods... they see them as people
who are egotistical.

I have many friends who are pmods so I hope those don't think I believe that.

if i did they would not be on my friends list.
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Being a fmod I'd easily pass as I don't want to be forced to have an 8 hr mod shift on a sort of dying forum.

Who says were forced to sit here on the forums for 8 hours lol. Where did you hear that I wonder?

As for the choice. If I was asked now I don't think I would be a F-Mod. Not that it's hard to do or a shedload of rules/guidelines to follow. It's not that. It's the people you effect within the forums by locking, hiding or muting them that you have known for a long long time. It's a friendship killer and yes I've lost a few friends over the 14+ years.

As for a P-Mod yes thats nice to have. You do get a lot of attention now and then but you get used to it. The really nice thing is when you see a web site advertiser or a fake staff name breaking rules you know your mute is good and then Jagex deal with them.

It's also good helping out someone in need if they ask a question and you know the answer. You get thanks for that and it's nice.

Community Helper. No thanks. Beyond my pay grade lol. They are amazing guys and gals who know a lot more about account and tech stuff then I'll ever know. I tip my hat to them for being their for the Community.
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05-Nov-2019 19:26:21

Skod River
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Skod River

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As a P mod can you still make threads and such , since P mods can't say they are P mods here on the forums :P

Of course if you are not community minded , then would there be no reason to accept any of those roles.

It is hard to tell if i would accept any of the roles , but i would think about it before i would say Yes or No.

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05-Nov-2019 19:35:32



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Jeremy Cheng said:
Before I start I just want to say I'm not asking Jagex to make me a mod, this is just a theoretical question...
Back in the day ('OldDay) there were lengthy discussions about this subject always leading to heated debates about a lot of other subjects related to becoming a moderator.

Being a 'Brownie' (player) you can do the most because you can move to every place without repercussions. You can say whatever you want, you are able to challenge the things you like most.
Being a moderator will take you a few steps back, or more, because of limitations.
Being paid can limit you even more because you have to follow steps of your company and their policy.

It is what you want ... what you wanna achieve ... and if that fits the whole grant scheme of things in RuneScape & The RuneScape Community, as well as Jagex's future / The Office as a whole.

05-Nov-2019 20:48:27

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As mentioned above, if you're a pmod you can probably still troll post on the forums (as long as you dont get too wild) because most people probably wouldn't know.

If I were offered Pmod of fmod, I don't know. I might say yes.

If I were offered Jmod, I'd say yes because im looking for a second job right now ;) HMU Jagex

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Samora Kiba
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Samora Kiba

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Hmm. To me, being a mod of any type is fine if it overlaps with or compliments what you already do anyways. I'm fine with being a community helper because I have been replying to people on the forums long before I became a helper. Being a helper only made it more efficient.
If I had zero experience with the support forums, I doubt I would accept the Helper status, because it would require a lot of reading to live up to the expectations of that status.

When it comes to pmod, if you are by nature a rather polite player with a fair approach, I can't imagine being a Pmod makes much of a difference, other than having the ability to issue a mute if really needed. If you have to make a drastic character adjustment to qualify as Pmod, I wouldn't recommend it. The same applies to Fmod really.

If it starts to feel like a chore or if I get inactive, I can always resign. It's a game that is meant to be enjoyed after all.

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05-Nov-2019 22:01:53

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