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I'll second a couple of the suggestions I've seen:

1. Instead of raising the cap, allow us to level individual familiars and customize things. Or raise the cap and tie this into leveling it from 99-120.

2. Instead of raising the cap, release a new elite skill that ties together Summoning with perhaps Prayer and Magic to create some specialized skill such as Necromancy and Demonology, as @Mutazombi suggested.

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I'd just like to reply to this:

"We have a familiars nobody uses throughout. They are in majority."

This problem is widespread throughout MMOs. Dead content.

...and the problem is not something Jagex can really fix. Ultimately, players are what cause dead content. Players who are too obsessed with the latest and greatest thing. It is impossible to make everything worthwhile to use unless you make everything in the game equal - as in, every single method of training in the game yields exactly the same XP rate, and every single method of making money yields exactly the same GP/hour. That's because players will almost always use what someone else has already figured out is "the best". Everything else becomes dead content.

In order to really fix this, the players themselves need to stop caring about what is "the best" for their material goals. And start caring about doing something just because they enjoy it. But since many people enjoy grinding for material rewards as fast as possible, that will also never happen.

What Jagex can do is try to level off the playing field a bit. Maybe make old low level content more effective as you level it up (item leveling, and such). And make every item "the best" for at least one activity in the game. It won't solve the dead content issue entirely, but it will at least give every item a purpose, even if those purposes themselves are not equal.

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