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Jagex should instead focus on making an elite skill out of summoning... like Necromancy or Shapeshifting or Beastmaster.

I'm not completly against 120 summoning but i can see why some people dislike the idea. The game is getting easier everyday, maxing out is becoming a more common thing nowadays. putting some 120s in the game would actually help the people that haven't reached that far yet in a skill.

Tbh i think the elite skill suggestion would benefit the community more, create an elite summoning skill that forces the player to take 1 of 3 possible paths, have the power to command the dead and summon the dead, use dark magics and other similiar stuff OR have the power to shapeshift, change your appearence to other things by infusing yourself with them like elementals, wildlife animals and vegetation and even objects, making you have control of many things in the game and fight with those things. OR follow the path of the beastmaster, which is the original next step in the line of true summoning, gives you the ability to combine summons and have more than once summon active that isn't of the same type, further develop summon commands so we can use them with more precision. Requirements for each path would be different based on a different combination of skills.
Like Necromancy could be related to prayer, magic and summoning. Shapeshifting could be invention, magic and summoning. Beastmaster could be constitution, hunter and summoning.

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