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Mutazombi said:
I dont get it.

They could release necromancy or demonology as elite skill. Or even combine them as some kind of occultism. Yet they would prefer upgrading such a dickfest of a skill.

However I am open for it, I hope they have some better training ideas than good old running forth and back.

I agree summoning is not what i hoped for when it was released. Even now i rarely use a familiar. I hope if they move forward with 120 SMN they also rework the skill itself.

I would much prefer it if the familiars were obtained one time and trained like we train other skills. I.E used in cmb or skills and they level up. Which then gives us xp as they level.

But i get it Jagex want to waste as much money as possible for players instead of making new skills fun.

The only new skill that wasn't a money sink is divination. Otherwise since Construction every skill has been made to specifically waste people money. Kinda disappointing IMO.

22-May-2018 17:32:18



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I just find it interesting that in one breath "120's are moving the goal posts to far for players" so no 120 cape perks

Then in the next hey guys what if we make SMN 120?

Since SMN is a combat stat what do you guys think Combat levels will go it if 120 SMn does happen.

140 would seem like a simple choice since it is only 21 levels 99-120. But i wonder if they would do some sort of change and make it like 142 and be weird about combat levels like normal.

30-May-2018 18:42:20

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