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Marusha said:
Tom Grey said:
Marusha said:
Squib said:
I know someone who said he will quit the game if this comes through and I do see his point, more and more RS seems to be geared in a nonsensical way to service only the smuggest "elite" type players . I played this game for more than 16 years and yet accept i wont have all content played and that is completely fine and even nice that there are more things than i have time to play but when it is just nonsense like this to pacify those "no lifer" small minority players who have seen it all and done it all (and so already have beyond 120 lvl summoning) because they do nothing else than RS, I find it difficult to understand the point of the update and it also starts to push me away from the game since it doesn't seem like the game is made for the ordinary person like me any more.

EDIT: also 1-99 is crappy already so if there is dev time to spend, spend it on that!

I have no time to enjoy the game anymore or doing social things in the game.

This is a really good point. Probably the most important in any new project. Will your customers enjoy the product? If being forced to grind to 120 is what they think everyone enjoys, its not the case.

I too want to enjoy aspects of the game other than training skills to 120. If people want to train skills to 120, let them, its their goals and ambitions. I want to explore bosses, find new moneymakers, socialise in the community, run a clan, etc. My own time is then diverted from those activities to grind out a skill I got 99 in, in 2009 just because a bunch of elitist players who are already 120, or have a goal to get the 120, want additional content.

The skill is unbalanced, thats the problem. Fix the 1-99 familiars first, and let us see. If we want more of what is done,

No one is forcing you to train.
Look deep down inside.

29-May-2018 10:41:34

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f a k e news

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Qwis7 said:
Its so funny to see that the 120 supporters ignore all reasons why they should not make a 120.
Then they say I do not see a single reason why we do not need 120.

Sum needs a rework but after they reworked all other skills because if you rework sum first you got double work on balancing etc.

120 is just way to out balanced because you get either to powerful creatures or to low reward for the amount of xp you need.

120 lvl cap increase is also one of the many reasons why the players quit these days there are just way to many time consuming req these days.
People think Its the same idiotic thing all over but now x10 the amount of time I will never be able to get it so bye...

120 is funny at start but after a week its boring as hell same as buying a new car.
You all hate the th xp promotions but fail to see that we get more of them the more 120 we get...

Look at the ironman hiscores.
Look deep down inside.

29-May-2018 10:58:22

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