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The chance has arrived for you to have your say in the game you love.

That’s right: the RuneScape Annual Survey is here!

The RuneScape Annual Survey gives you the chance to influence future updates by scoring and prioritising our backlog. The results from previous years gave way to Solak, the Clue Scroll Overhaul, Menaphos, Mining & Smithing rework and more.

The Survey will close on Monday, September 30th.

You can get to the survey by pressing this!

The RuneScape Team
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TL;DR the survey:

Good stuff:
-It's very thorough overall and goes into detail.
-It includes the controversial stuff like MTX.

Bad stuff:
-It bombards you with elite dungeon and "player-owned" suggestions. Can you guys not create something new instead of copy-pasting the same old content with a different skin?
-Questing section could've been better made; I feel like simply having the "how many quests a year would you like?" and "how long should a quest take (30-120 minutes)? is too little to describe what kind of quests the player would like.
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Krampus X
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Krampus X

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"Skilling generates less gold than combat. Which of the following approaches would you like to bring combat and skilling closer in terms of generating gold?"

Rework pvm drop tables so it isnt the main source of skilling supplies just like you started with mining&smithing rework.

This is what should be in PvM drop table imo:

* Only herblore secondaries not obtainable through skilling(add some new if needed and rework the potions so some need them. No potion drops)
* Crafting supplies
* Divination secondaries (new things to make)
* Seeds
* Unnoted Herbs (no noted)
* Only summoning secondaries not obtainable through skilling + charms
* Inventions secondaries (for new things to make)
* Salvage items (already coming in M&S rework. Tradeable, can either alch or disassemble)
* Some new raw food (remove all fishs)
* Bones/ashes (maybe wood instead of bones for some woody monsters)

* Make two new item destroyers like seedicide. One for wood (firemaking xp) and one for raw food (cooking xp).

I agree PvM has to be more profitable than Skilling. My problem with the current state of drop tables is how it damages potential skilling activities.

ie one of the big economy complaints in recent years is how all seeds are devalued. The problem is PvM drops herbs, way more herbs than you can farm and potions (restores, brews, super sets)

Now what if PvM dropped no herbs or potions? Only seeds and herblore secondaries.

Now PvMers will supply farmers with seeds which will rise in value, farmers will supply herblorers with herbs. Herblorers will supply PvMers with potions. It distributes the wealth across multiple activities.

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Plz express that you strongly agree with a construction rework, ppl! It's been too long.
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Jaekob Caed
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Jaekob Caed

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Guys, a vast majority of what you've proposed in this survey is AMAZING. If those are your plans, I have high hopes for the future of this game. Also, thanks for finally giving us some info on what "RuneScape Remastered" is all about. Please do not abandon that project. The game world needs some serious reworking (and not just graphically, please try to find ways to expand the map itself) so that it's more in line with the excellent design ethic you guys have these days.

A side note: going back to that image that first told us about "RuneScape Remastered", I noticed another project was the "RuneScape RPG Battler". I'm curious if that is the same project as the RuneScape action RPG that we've heard Mod Pips mention in interviews.
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Pvm needs less resource drops and more salvage drops. Professional price manip detector here with 99.9% accuracy.:) Me and my dog named keggy sniff out for this manips.:) We are Proven and verified professional detectors We shall put an end to all price manipulators. Be careful of street traders posting fake trades. :)

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Roddy Piper
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Roddy Piper

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In your last survey I was 20 minutes in and you DEMANDED detailed analysis of all your individual treasure hunter promotions. You missed out on all the feedback I provided and I wasted my time.

I will go to this one just to see what is up, but if there are required chat fields you will be getting nonsense answers. Maybe if you regain my trust I will put some effort into the next one.

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