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Just a thank you for starting a version of the 'Thread of the Week' series that used to happen in General, within the Off Topic subforums by temporarily pinning some interesting threads. I have rather enjoyed reading quite a lot of them. :)

Mostly all the forum work you've done is highly appreciated, but I just wanted to point this out as it shows you're reading threads on the forums, and have the time to comment/sticky them. I do hope other staff members can follow your example. ;)
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13-Sep-2019 18:50:26

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I loved " Thread of the Week " many moons ago and missed it. What Mod Meadows has done in Off Topic has given it some life. It's brightened up Off Topic section and is amazing to see. ;)

Good work there Mod Meadows.
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13-Sep-2019 18:58:49

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