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I honestly appreciate the little extra chats you put into the quests. It adds a little smile to my face whenever I find a quest that rewards me with extra chats for the littlest of details.

Quest NPC
: We will need you to bring an unfinished irit potion, some dwellberries, a gold bar, and two mahogany planks.

: Oh, I already have them in my inventory!

Quest NPC Response 1
: Wow, that is convenient.

Quest NPC Response 2
: Why were you carrying those items before you knew that you needed them?

Quest NPC Response 3
: You must be blessed by the gods to have such great foresight.

Thanks for the brilliant and fun quests!

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The developers of quests have come to know that players will sometimes read guides and get hints, and nowadays will have responses ready to acknowledge when a player comes prepared. I find that to be a nice touch as well.

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Agreed! I love little jokes like that, or when you get to make sarcastic remarks to the quest characters.
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I have to agree there, such a great touch! Always makes me smile whenever I see it pop up. :) Re-maxed following invention 22/05/16, 120 Invention 21/03/17
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