King Slime Event

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I thought this event was fun, though I liked it basically for the NPCs and the humour. Loved how the NPCs were doing different things each day. The Dog chasing Slippy the slime was really fun. And Joey's mishap was hilarious ("I had to eat my cape to survive." (pause) "You ate your cape?" "..." "How was it?" "Expensive.";), though I did wonder why he didn't just run away the first day when he was so worried about his cape.

And I loved how the interact commands with King Slime got more silly with each day, ending with 'Console King Slime' on the day the portal's being opened and it's about to be sent elsewhere. "I've enjoyed our time together. Don't forget to write!"

Yes, this was an event that forced people to stay grinding in one place for an hour or more each day, but the comedy really livened it up and made it a lot more fun than the similar event during the Invasion of Falador (which basically played everything straight and serious).

05-Dec-2018 23:36:36

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