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I just want to give a shoutout to Jagex dialogue writers here. The dry humor and wit is what makes the difference between a boring, lifeless quest and an enjoyable one. Even conversations outside of quests can be really funny! I always get a good laugh from the NPC dialogue, and just wanted to come here to express that!

Life's too short to take things too seriously :)

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From my first day on RS I have loved those as well. It makes questing that more enjoyable, and I still often talk to npc's I come across because of those goofy lines. The (older) examines are also often very dry. 'Yep, definately a chicken', stuff like that. They should give more of the surrounding an examine again after all those graphical overhauls.

And when bored, go watch the shouting match between the Neitiznot and Jatiszo guards on their towers!

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Indeed. The dialogue (during quest, post-quest, and often outside of quests) is fun and livens things up. There's lots of great gems to be found. Whether funny or serious, silly or somber, calls to action or just contemplation of the meaning of it all, there's lots of great dialogue to be found in RuneScape.

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Some of my favorite dialogue has to be the self-referential or meta stuff. Usually that sort of thing is very on-the-nose and badly written, but the writers for this game know how to subtly weave it in so that it's not in-your-face. fite me

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