Christmas 2016 - Love it!

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I LOVE the holiday event this year! Many of my favorite Christmas characters are back (the Queen of Snow, Rosie and the rest of the pixies, the snowmen, our snow imp buddy even if we can only summon him during the Towering Feast), and some favorite holiday events have some new twists to them.

This event truly satisfies, because all these years, I knew there was room for all of these characters and concepts in the same event. So yeah, this is the event I've been waiting for since 2007.

So, we get some new twists to the 2007's snowman building scenario, and to the 'O Little Town of Daemonheim' thing, and a pretty much straight reprise of 'A Towering Feast' but with a new bonus section. And Part 2 brings us the long-awaited (at least by me, anyway) return to Diango's workshop (which I'd despaired at ever seeing again in RS3, and remembered by rereading my screenshots).

The twist that Diango was the one behind the strange occurences was one I didn't expect, given that he's been generally a nice guy all these years. But I loved the ending where Santa, Rosie, and the player let him know that he does have friends, and a family, and people who appreciate what he does all year round. The moment where he gets his Christmas spirit back and is back to being the Diango we know is well-done (though the music track that plays during the speech, unfortunately, is not unlockable). And I love how the pixies confirm afterward what I knew all along back in 2005 - that they love creating and painting things for festive occasions, and take great joy in doing it.

Some mild disappointments:

The fact that you can't keep building pirate, dragon, dwarf, and so on snowmen after doing the first part.

Rosie's catchphrase 'Any more quickety questions?' is replaced by a more generic 'need anything else?'.

Otherwise, I loved this event, and loved the concept of Santa's neighborhood. Will we see additions to that neighborhood next year? :)

20-Dec-2016 18:37:57



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So, yeah. The 2005 event with Diango's workshop was my first elaborate holiday event in RuneScape, so I have a soft spot in my heart for it. I always wanted an event where Rosie, Sorcha, Cormac, Ronan (a certain OSRS J-Mod's favorite pixie, I'm sure), and the rest are in the same holiday event as the Queen of Snow and the snow imps (whom I also like). This year, that wish finally came true.

And having the Towering Feast return was also great.

All in all, this event is a new contender for my 'best Christmas event' reward.

20-Dec-2016 18:42:17



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Turksta said:
Late reply here. But this event was amazing, agree with OP. Can the 2017 xmas event be better? Allow players to use the "build" option on snowballs. I want to be able to make snowmen everywhere in gielinor.

In the 2007 event, they could. But my guess is they limited it since then for some sort of technical reasons.

By the way, I counted all the wardrobes in Santa's neighborhood. There was a wardrobe for 2005 and all events since, though we only got to use four of them in the 2016 event. Who knows what the future may bring? :)

26-Feb-2017 22:11:54

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