A Dream of Ice and Fire

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A Dream of Ice and Fire

Special Thanks and You May Now Post

Special Thanks:

To Nat, for helping with plot structure and feedback.

To Eli, for helping me sort out some lore.

To Ptolemy Dean, for letting me stuff around with our customer lore <3.


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º• Long Version •º

Character Name: Ekaterina Adrea Renderra
Race: Human, Elf, and something.
Age: 55

Physical Description: Having gone grey young, Ekaterina looks like a half elf. She's 5'9 and thin, signs of wrinkles appearing on her face. Her hands are constantly glowing with energy, as divine charge powered prosthetics cover where her fingertips once were.

Other than a subtle tattoo of a raven on her ribs, some harsh burns to her back, and scars along her thighs, Kat makes an effort to keep her skin smooth and free of blemishes or markings.

Personality: A logical thinker but an emotional reacter, Kat is a bit cynical and skeptical.

Weaponry/Equipment: Long, hybridized robes of her Banshee Riders, styled to look like Death
Crystal fingertips that could become talons in a pinch.
A Guthix Crozier staff.
A few Magpie and Guthatrice summon pouches
A Sign of Life
And finally, some divine fish bubbles.

Kat Renderra - Master Diviner and Aquamancer, former Noble - Asgarnians

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