Tirannwn: Prifddinas claiming?

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Lady Ria

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Have to agree with everyone else. Plus, my own view on Darkmeyer.

Darkmeyer and Tirawnn are the true scales of balance in RP. They're places that are largely untouched in 42, and left to Jagex lore.

However, we have a big problem with RP in Priff. Seren isn't going to tolerate infighting, and we have 8 (Nine, if you count Baxtorian) Mortal leaders and adviser. The governor idea works, but Priff, over all other RP locales barring the Arc and Ashdale has a horrible flaw.

None of the houses are enterrable. Civilian rp becomes very difficult because of the dense amount of skilling content. Additionally, you have a high player population in the few buildings that are accessible, or that would make a good governing location. This naturally increases OOC chatter and risk of trolling.

That being said, Elf Lands rp is still possible. Lletya and the Tyras camp both have none of the aforementioned problems, aside from difficulty in access.

05-Oct-2016 20:59:28

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