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~Welcome to the Kingdom of Sennistien!~As of 11/18/16 i'm switching the name of Avarrocka to Sennistien o remove confusion, thankyou.
1: Moral standing
2: rules and rp specifications
3: Kingdom description
4: follow up and requests to me personally

W42 specific clan/kingdom

--==-- Description of Our moral standing--==--
The last known Kingdom to openly follow Zaros the Empty Lord. There has been many a questions to me whether Zaros is Evil or Good and to simple put from the elder god himself, Every action has a consequence, whether or not the punishment can been seen as evil or good, he will be swift.
In his divine power most of the old ones whom followed Zaros have thought he has abandoned them to die and have gone off onto the veil path therefore everyone assumes zaros to be evil. However some Marajahhatt still do follow Zaros and are welcome back into his Empty arms. Demons vampyres werewolves and the like are welcome in the care of Zaros and his new Alliance.
We do ask you follow the queen's rulings she will be just but act swiftly she also will listen to reason because every kingdom needs a ruler who can bend and adjust. there are three as of now general recruitments available for request you just have to ask in game and post your character here any other questions can be addressed to me specifically.
Once we have enough members we will make a clan, and recruiting now will give you perk points will be explained in game
This Kingdom is landscaled as varrock

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Rules and requirements,
1. be respectful and courteous
2. leave ic drama in ic and don't bring it ooc
3. no god modding, no one likes a showoff.
4. spells can be cast without symbols so long as you chant something
5. anyone caught breaking any of these rules will be dealt with by the generals and myself personally
6. don't start fights with people over drama in other groups, we are here to have fun right?

RP character posts should follow this script, if at all possible
description of appearance:
additional details:
(optional choices)
orientation: S/b/g
relationship status:

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--==--Description of Avarrocka--==--
an old ancient city rested upon the lands of Avarrocka nestled outside far out of Gelinor.
The Lands warded and blessed by Zaros, it is a city out of time and looks abandoned on the surface, most of the humans abandoned the lands to the now new owners and the lands overgrown.
currently opening for people to move in
City government: Oligarchy Ruled by the Queen Amelia, of Avarrocka
Religion: Zarosianism Esoteric Order of the Empty Lord
Ranks and military postings:
Generals: (looking to recruit 2 more) Drakthesnek's rp
Captains: (leaving the generals 2 each so 6 total)
Lieutenants: ( each captain gets 2 lieutenants so 12 total)
Sergeants: ( 20 max maybe more if we get that big)
Corporals: (15 total maybe more if we get too big)
Privates: (lowest rank)
Housing and Shop placement:
Tanning shop: 200 gold
melee weapon shop: 150 gold
Melee armor Shop: 250 gold
Luxury clothes shop: 300 gold
magick armor and supplies shop: 400 gold
Fish Trader: 100 gold
Fur trader: 100 gold
Gold and silver mine: 100 gold
iron, copper, coal and tin mine: 150 gold
forge and smithing shop: 150 gold
Bank deed: 400 gold
Empty mansions: 500 gold
large houses: 200 gold
2 story houses: 250 gold
Generals houses: 250 gold
lieutenant houses: 200 gold
guards tower: free if you work for the guards watch
smaller houses: 50 gold

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Jobs and placements
town crier: (open)
Captain of guards: (open)
guardsmen/women: (spots open)
general store owners: (open until bought)
Merchants: (open)
City inspector: (open)
Priests: (open)
Hunters: (open)
Farmers: (open)
Blacksmith: (open)
Landlord: (open)
Shop/Stall owner: (open)
Entertainer: (open)
Harbourmaster: (open)
Bank owner: (open)

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Avarrocka continued:
if you wish to post an app to buy a shop or own a house or place a request to join the ranks follow this post here
Name of house or shop you wish to buy:
your rp's name:
prices of the gear you wish to sell if you bought a shop:
bank taxes if you chose to own the bank the percentage:

Note this is my first attempt at a Forum post im welcome to criticism but please be respectfull

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Name: Amelia of Avarrocka Last of the Esoteric order of the Empty Lord.
Age: unknown
strengths: She know ancient magicks and necrmancies, but it takes time to cast ancients, and she is limited to 1-2 undead a day. she is 4'11'' but her true form is 20 feet she possessed girl named Ervene when she tried training necromancies under her foolish teacher.

weaknesses: she canasta 3 undead spells she will perish, her chant in ancients takes time as well accessing her marajahhatt form.

Sex: female

Sexual orientation: bi

Relationship status: Single

Other information: She is the Queen of The new Reformed Avarrock

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Name: Belika Tuvatii
Age: 26
Strengths: Belika is a mindful tactician, level headed, loyal, and good with a blade.
Weaknesses: She is also unsociable, stubborn, and a bit too trusting of others.

Description of appearance: Belika is not of a grand posture, standing at only 4'10", but nonetheless carries herself with pride. Her flowing black hair, ocean blue eyes, and thin face make her easily recognizable among a crowd. Her left shoulder blade bears a brand of the Saradominist star, after a run-in with a few overly zealous inquisitors.

Additional details: Originally a member of a Zarosian cult, Belika made what she saw as a "holy pilgrimage" to Avarrockia to serve those who represented her lord on this world.
The King of Egypt herself.
Looking for fun and interactive kingdom roleplay? Look no farther than Misthalin!

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