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Seaver Price said:
There aren't any.

Not true. I've seen a bunch of "OSRP" threads pop up, meaning that people want to do it but can't find each other. No need to be so negative.

OP: I'd say forum search OSRP threads and find the OP's of those threads and pm them. Good luck to you.
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30-Jan-2017 23:49:25

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I wouldn't say theres not any because there are threads. Just seems like a lack of communication/effort to get everyone together, and so i'm trying to get everyone together. Burn brighter than those around you.

31-Jan-2017 02:15:00

Lord Pyro I
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Lord Pyro I

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Magnickicent said:
Lord Pyro I said:
I'm interested, wanna get together to discuss some ideas I've had for this?

Let's get it boi

If you log in we can talk
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11-Feb-2017 17:48:00

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