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~~~_~~_~~Winter Hearth Festivity~~_~~_~~~

Coming soon

I would like to invite all of Asgarnia across the kingdom to join me on a night to celebrate the Winter advent.

As such I will be hosting an event shortly on the Southern farm of Falador, where currently I am living (sort of a house party in a way).

The day will offer up a farmers market of all sort of produce, from local farms to across the seas (if anyone is interested in selling produce, please fill in the form).

Come evening, a night of fireworks, Ale festival and a good old fashioned roast.

Date and time will be posted shortly.

In the meantime, if anyone would like to show off their entertainment showman ship such as fire breathing, juggling, magical acts, plays and other varieties of talent, please fill out the form below, as you may be picked for this festivity!

Please fill in:

Character name:

Please pick out of the options below with a strike:
Are you selling produce?
Are you part of the entertainment?
Are you a guest?

Once this application has been filled out, please post.

As mentioned above, dates and times will be released soon.

Kindest regards,

Ethan Reine
House Reine
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