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Hybrid armour is all-around effective, but comes with some easily exploited weakspots based off material. Most of my hybrids, for example, use pauldrons, bracers, a helmet, greaves, and either upper or lower metal armour on the chest. Reason being these are spots where you are most likely to have a sword, or arrow, successfully lop an arm, or puncture a vital. Otherwise leather, silk, and cloth is the way to go.

As for Mage Tanks, we know they exist. They're trading ability to strafe and move for more defenses. While not useful in RP combat between two humanoids as much, this is very useful for someone who fights large, hulking monsters where you need to survive a potential hit, but movement isn't as vital.

As for Shrap... (Most) Metal doesn't help or hinder casting. But there are much better alternatives for a mage to use that will help their casting, which is why any mage worth their salt is going to be wearing some sort of enchanted robes, especially over the standard metal variety. Exceptions existing, of course, for a few common sense pieces.

Big issue with any sort of standard people "should" follow though, is people who prefer magic rp gather in certain groups, and people who don't gather in others. Where the two rarely interact, and carry on their own ways anyway. It's why I had to my own standardization for The Countdown, because we needed a common, compromised ground for the varied bunches of RPers involved to agree on.

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