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Character Name: Raven Muninn
Username: Caelo
Rank/Job Desired: Squire
Brief History: Wanderer kind of person, just used a sword with some magic and learned various ways to not die while going around. Almost got killed by a Brawler, killed it with said sword and magic and ended up going to the VK just to make sure it didn't happen to some other person.
Facial Appearance: Weathered, longish brown hair, often smudged with dirt, green eyes. Too tired to go further into detail.
Physical Appearance: Built lean but muscle is there. More of a running back's kind of build than a swordfighter's, stands about 5'7". Usually has a short sword at her side, a few burns along her left arm.
Morality (Please place an X on their spot): Executioner [ . . . . . . . . . . | X | . . ] Guardian
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