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Lady Ria
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Title: Battlefield Report (11/13/16
Author: Ionna Adrasteia

Enemy Confronted: Pests
Commanding Officer(s): Ionna Adrasteia, Enrico Cartenza
Number Sent: 50 Void Knights, Officers, and Squires
Number Deceased: Five Void Knights, Seven squires.
Number Injured: 33
Mission Conclusion: Success
Mission Details: An assault to reclaim the Void Knight Outpost Alpha. Pests had established portals on the outpost, located in the conquest hall, at the docks, the command room, and bank area. Clean-up of hazardous food goo is currently in progress.

The armour of Commodore Locke has been found. Oddly, his Void Seal was damaged by [REDACTED].

Mission was a hard-won success. Having earned the outpost, the Void Knights have a strategic command at Ground Zero.

Ruutild Valutada.


Pests Don't Leave Freezer Burns
Friday, Tomorrow at 6pm EST, 23:00 Game Time

Ionna Adrasteia, now promoted to Commodore, addresses a small group of Knights and Squires concerning the fate of the late Commodore Locke. The assembly of a task force is made, to allow the Void Knights to focus on the pests, yet follow the investigations surrounding this new Pest breed, and the fate of missing Void Officers to reassemble the Broken Command force.

Davy Jones' Outpost
Saturday, 4pm EST, 21:00 Game Time

Location of an outpost sunken beneath the water of the neighboring islands requires special gear. Load up on a Frigate, and look into the fate of the outpost.

Sunday, 4pm EST, 21;00 Game Time
A follow-up to Saturday's roleplay, this will be combat heavy. The exact circumstances depend on what happens the day before.

17-Nov-2016 22:59:38

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Character Name: Raven Muninn
Username: Caelo
Rank/Job Desired: Squire
Brief History: Wanderer kind of person, just used a sword with some magic and learned various ways to not die while going around. Almost got killed by a Brawler, killed it with said sword and magic and ended up going to the VK just to make sure it didn't happen to some other person.
Facial Appearance: Weathered, longish brown hair, often smudged with dirt, green eyes. Too tired to go further into detail.
Physical Appearance: Built lean but muscle is there. More of a running back's kind of build than a swordfighter's, stands about 5'7". Usually has a short sword at her side, a few burns along her left arm.
Morality (Please place an X on their spot): Executioner [ . . . . . . . . . . | X | . . ] Guardian
"A silly ***** is what I'm going to call **** jokes from now on."
-Jen 2015

18-Nov-2016 04:57:00

Lady Ria
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Lady Ria

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Apologies to all who were interested in this and what I planned to do with it.

Due to my grandmother's post-operation care, my mother's post-concussion care, I have suddenly had my schedule fill up unexpectedly. I can't in good conscience promise a plot only to have to miss it from real life needs.

If I can't commit to active roleplay, I shouldn't be leading a group. Case and point.

If someone wants to pick up from where I've left it, they are free too. Hit me up and ask!

IC, Ionna's leg injury is not healing properly, and she will soon be unable to run, and within a few years, walk at all. She is forced into retirement, remaining a dilomat for the Void Knights in her soon-to-be crippled state.

24-Nov-2016 09:58:15

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Lloyd Benett (Czar) Rank/Job: Mercenary
Morality (Please place an X on their spot): No Coin [ . . . . . | . . . . .| . .x. . ] Coin

Born to a 3rd generation woodcutter, Lloyd was meant to follow his father's footsteps. Even at a young age, Lloyd was forced to carry logs for his father during hauling trips for the city, causing exhaustion and a lot of physical struggles. He joined the Varrock Guard at age 17 behind his father's back in order to get much needed training. During his training, Lloyd grew a dislike towards the lightness of a sword and, with little money he saved from his duty and more taken from a savings chest in his home, he purchased a steel two-hander which has remained with his since. He eventually abandoned his duty and deserted from Varrock, not telling anyone in his family of his disappearance, heading off to live the life of a mercenary.

24-Nov-2016 11:40:22

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