What if the Two met?(Spoilers)

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Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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Kat would probably geek out about magic, while I smile, nod, and pretend to understand what she's talking about. We'd also not likely be at the bar long.

Thalia would pretend not to recognize I'm there, since she's looking for quests constantly. She'd ask why I've played her, her adoptive aunt, her grandfather, great-grandmother, and great-great-grandfather to her.

Corina would probably try to blend in, make some small jokes, but leave when Blade's character Logan did. Corina'd be nosy about personal details, practicing her prying for Temple Knight business.

Alicja would kindly ask to be left alone, since she goes to bars for quiet. Otherwise, if we did talk... She'd ask about why I make her life so difficult.

Deborah... Likely her slipping eyeballs into people's drinking glasses to freak them out, jumping on tables . She'd ask why I was so boring, when she sprung from my mind.

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