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1. B
2. B
3. C
4. B
5. A
6. C
7. B
8. C
9. C
10. C+D
11. B
12. B+C
13. C

Comments: For question 7, as we know we are in the 5th year of the 6th age, proved by kindred spirit, and confirmed true by the mods in a Q&A that irl years passing is in-game as well, doing this would be making it as if we are already 100 years in the sixth age, when we really aren't.
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1: B (however i think blacklisting could not always be the answer in this case, like if a newbie makes a overpowered character, just teach them? Just a lil side note)


3: B-C, however should still be discussed.

4: A. hard question but i think most cases if they're ignored it's for good reason.

5: A

6: C, at least atm.

7: B

8: C

9: B

10: A, C and B. however when it comes to C it needs to be controlled.

11: B and E. We got some good POK's going on but maybe our current population isn't really large enough for all the ones we have.

12: C. However I do think we need to promote interaction.

13: B (some less linked to poks maybe, since they kind of go hand in hand). C (same opinion as B, possibly a mix of the two), D (it'd be cool to see this implemented), E (not seeing many), F (it'd be nice to see some of this). And G (not anything specific but it would be nice to see some more imaginative stuff)

Hehe...sorry I like explaining my answers.

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1) What is your stance on blacklisting?


2) What is your stance on world antagonism?


3) How long should invaders give warning to a group before an attack?


4) If the invaders of a POK are ignored, what should happen?

A. (Case-by-case basis.)

5) What are your feelings toward the wiki?


6) How would you feel if the current ‘History of’ pages on the wiki were archived in favour of a new system?


7) How would you feel if time was standardised (e.g: 1 OoC month = 1 IC year)?


8) Would you consider a POK that only shares its RPs internally a public group?


9) Does announcement of an RP make it lose ‘freelance’ status?


10) Some races have no place in public RP. Agree? (you can choose more than one answer).


11) What is your stance on POKs? (you can choose more than one answer)

C, D, E.

12) How would you feel if there was a temporary revision of space – the community would be in one continent/region only?


13) Which clans/RP groups would you like to see more of?

C, D, E, F, G (Antagonist groups focused on plot rather than land and OOC).
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1) a
2) a
3) d
4) d (every situation is different tho)
5) b
6) c
7) b
8) b
9) b
10) c
11) a, b, c, e
12) a
13) h
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1) b.
2) b.
3) d.
4) a.
5) a.
6) a.
7) b.
8) c.
9) b.
10) d.
11) a.
12) c.
13) g.

Additional Comments:
5) a. A lot of effort has been put into the wiki and its unique mix of lore with roleplaying standards is exceptionally helpful. I wish I’d found it sooner and I’d love to see more characters and Runescape locations on it. Whereas Runescape’s official roleplay forums is limited by character count and a lack of lore discussion, the Runescape Roleplay wikia has the space to make creative and interesting lore pages regarding characters and factions played within the game.

6) a. I enjoy looking back at the history of each roleplayed locale, but keeping everything ever done as cannon over such a long period of time can be cumbersome to the point of being lore breaking and impossible to invite a change of hands when needed. Archiving the articles doesn’t devalue what has been done in my mind, as it still provides an out-of-character context of an area in-game. The real question is just how much would be archived, as such a change in lore might lead to interruptions in large-scale group rp’s.

7) b. Nobody could fairly expect such a diverse group of people to stay within a single timeframe. Most roleplay doesn’t move fast enough to cover an irl month within an IC month, let alone an IC year.

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Additional Comments Cont.:
8) c. I’ve always been a proponent of freelance roleplay, as roleplay clans so often become cliques that both new and old roleplayers struggle to find a place in. It would be nice if the major group leaders of roleplay on Runescape held more regularly scheduled events open to all roleplayers. Mixing and mingling more characters, stories, and roleplayers in on a regular basis can only be a good thing in my mind.

9) b. I can’t say how much I’d like to see smaller, single figures on Runescape creating their own fun events for others to participate in. Roleplay should be a safe environment to test and explore new ideas to implement into the community.

10) d. My feelings are mixed here. Some people play exceptionally original and well thought-out characters while others seem to invoke lore-breaking, nonsensical crap that bogs down immersion while others are roleplaying.

12) c. Although it’s an interesting prospect and worthy of attempting for a single event, clans already do this on a small scale and I feel like the already existing diversity of clans expresses that a single determined location wouldn’t do it for everyone.

13) g. Get out of your comfort zones, explore new ideas, meet new wonderful people, and freelance, people!

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*, Please see Additional comments.

1) c) They’re fine as they are*

2) B *

3) d) Time’s irrelevant, it needs to be discussed with the group *

4) a) *

5) a)

6) a)*

7) Vote Witheld, please see additional comments

8) c) *

9) Depends on the definition of freelance. I’m prone to say C), then.

b) Agree, especially powerful ones like Mahjarrat
c) Somewhat, powerful races can be used in public group’s RP plots

b) I like them, as long as they offer varying types of RP
d) I don’t like them, we should have NPC rulers*

12) c)*

13) *
c) Religious orders
e) Guilds
f) Simple peasant RPs
g) Other (GANG WARS)

Additional Comments:

1) Hoh boy. I hope you are ready for this mess.

Blacklists are not a good thing for the community. They're horrible. They're a nessacery evil, though.

Why do I say this? They're a last resort. In the past they were used for bad roleplayers, which isn't good. We should help bad roleplayers learn, as trying as it is to our collective patience, it makes us stronger to do so.

That said, there is a difference between "bad roleplayers" and "bad people who roleplay." People who dox a former clan member and a rival clan leader in their public chat, people who send personal pictures of body parts of someone to their family, should not be allowed in the community. Let alone should the people affected by such need to roleplay with them.

Those are the only kind of people on my blacklist. It exists to give consequence, where Jagex's authority ends. Am I proud to have a blacklist? No. I was on the recieving end of that for the entire time of my tenure in the Worshippers. That was a blacklist for convienence. And it was angering, at the time.

"But why not use the ignore list Nat lol"

Because the ignore list does the same function. It stops someone from chatting with you. And thus, rping with you. That said, should it apply to a whole group? No. If that person is a group leader, it's a grey area.

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2) World Antagonism

People like antagonists. It's hard to have a plot without some sort of antagonist. That said, World Antagonism is extremely iffy. People get bored of the same antagonist over and over. It starts to get annoying for them, even as the antagonists themselves don't realize it.

The Worshippers were this way, regrettably. After a yearlong plot in Varrock, and trying to do more the following year, people lost interest. Then they didn't just lose interest, they found the Worshippers an annoyance and hinderance, going as far as to not acknowledge them to ignore them.

Did it stop us? No. We were having fun antagonizing, and eventually the idea hit me "Hey, we'll do a little world event, people who want to rp with us can, those who don't can ignore it." So we had caravans for a few weeks to advance to the end of the plotline.

On track, people get tired of antagonists. There's only so many times a Dragon or a Demon can attack Lumbridge before the Lumbridge group decides "I'm kinda done with this, how many Dragons are there to send?"

When antagonism is tied to a plot, whether it's external from the PoK involving a few, or internal, involving the clan, it's easier to stop when people lose interest. Otherwise, you have an army of grouchy defenders more prone to dislike what you're doing.

3) Time is irrelevant.

Planning fixes the problem stated above. I once had to deal with someone pushing the 24 hour notice rule, rallied up the clan who had dropped a night of drinking or planned shopping trips around this, for the group to not show up. For three hours. We kept waiting, and finally a few people come. We were so angry from waiting so long for this, we took no crap, and creamed them. People do not want to deal with an invasion to begin with messing up plots. They really don't want to then be pushed to go to a battle they weren't supposed to have time for.

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4) If it is ignored due to a blacklist for the reasons I listed above, sobeit. Nothing should happen.

Otherwise, there are always circumstances at work for something like that to be ignored.

6) As is, it spans five years of a not-so great story. New players are somehow expected to know all of this, and that certainly isn't good for them to know in addition to RS lore. Which leads to my other opinions.

7) One ooc month = a year makes sense, but has it's problems. For one thing, the wedding I have planned icly. To make the planning feel so much busier, it's all real-time planning. They wanted to get married as soon as possible, given Nova is pregnant, and that was the first weekend available. There's only so many RPs you can do in a week to cram for an event.

That said, those big, twenty year timeskips are bad and the people who do them should feel bad.

8) It depends on the event. Some things ICly make sense to be invite only, and thus, the event needs to be a little exclusive within reason. Some things don't. Is Joe Schmoe from Misthalin going to come to investigate a Druid's death friday? (name dropping my own event shhhh) Probably not. Wouldn't make sense.

11) A POK has a duty not to host constant rp for it's members. It has a duty to establish an RP of the ruling class, and foster the growth of guilds, soldier groups, and peasant RP under it. I feel Asgarnia does this well, and has done this well, so I roleplay there. That said, I'd prefer NPC rule for reasons of lore, and ability for new players to understand.

I spoke with a couple of newer roleplayers in an Asgarnian sub clan, and they dislike how complex 42 lore is, in addition to RS lore. Where does one end and another begin? In addition, Asgarnia now has Big Blue, Big Red, and Big Bird sitting around it. How do we rp around that? I don't know yet. We're all going as we can to figure it out.

12) Continued

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For a while, I thought a revision of space to the F2P Area, or just Asgarnia as people suggested was a good idea. It seemed it, at least. I was running Asgarnia then, and would have been willing to step down to allow something like that to take place.

Unfortunately, it not only didn't happen, but I sat and thought about it. Why would I be happy if it was Asgarnia, as many people seemed to nod in agreement with? Most of my characters are/were based there. I had a Gu Warrioress, came from the East to Sarim. A Noble Mage, who studied in Asgarnia. A Grey, who lived in Asgarnia. An adventurer who went all over, but considered Asgarnia home, and then a bunch of assorted, Asgarnia focused Knights.

I'm concerned that other players have roots as deep as mine are in one place. Saying "Okay let's move all PoK rp to Asgarnia..." Would the Lansings, as rooted as they are in Misthalin, pack up bags and go? Would the Vekon? The Aerendyl? Because I know the Renderra and Grey are very focused in Asgarnia, and probably wouldn't move to a whole new city.

No, what I'm going to suggest is the same radical concept I did a few years ago. We switch the PoKs to NPC leadership, and maintain OOC leadership there to organize plots, roleplays, events, and more.

I already have IC explanations for my characters with any semblance of power to step back. Especially considering Big, Blue, and Bossy is sitting on Falador's first throne Jagex gave us. If people are willing to do this, I'm more than ready. But I want the PoK leaders to agree on it. The leaders, not the clan members, not their advisers. This needs to be something people want, and they want to put their support behind, or it won't happen.

But I feel this approach is what we need for the community, since too many of us get a little too into character when it comes to power and like to think it carries over OOC.

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