Starting A Zarosian RP Clan

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Ashan Kardas

Ashan Kardas

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Hey, I'm looking for founders for a Zarosian Roleplay Clan. The clan will be primarily be based in the frozen part of Forinthry which will work on bringing back the Zarosian Empire but in the form of a kingdom working closely with The Kingdom Of Forinthry as allies.

What are the requirements to join?

None if the idea sounds interesting to you then send me a message.

Do I have to Roleplay a Zarosian to take part in the roleplay?

Not at all, roleplay an elf, a zamorakian whatever you want The Kingdom accepts all!

What world will the clan be based on?

World 42.

RP facts about the kingdom:

Led by King Darian Kardas (Me)
Owns a large Runite Mine in Forinthry

If you are interested in becoming a founder, or have any questions about the clan/kingdom then feel free to reply to the thread or message me in-game (Frostsword).

Thanks for reading.
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