Gielinor 2: Disaster Anthology

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This is less of a planning thread and more of a foot in the water thread but I've posted before about what people thought their characters might be doing in an alternate dimension of gielinor but am interested in knowing if anyone would be interested in taking it a step further.

These wouldn't be plots but more one off battles focused around a scenario that develops in the disaster dimension that we've now seen twice. My question would be specifically if you'd be interested and what sort of scenario you'd be interested in seeing play out.

I'll give a few example scenario's to start the brainstorming:
A battle between the South Asgarnia resistance and Zamorakian invaders (Halloween Event]
A battle between H.A.M and Cave goblins (Misthalin) or Goblins (Kandarin) [Ham questline]
Gnome Invasion of Mainland [The Grand Tree Quest]

Lots of potential events but those are just a few scenarios that come to mind and would like to see what you all would be interested in.

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I would like to suggest the vampyric crossing of the salve, and attack on New Varrock.

This might be a stretch, but here's my idea.

The adventurer never helped the Myreque, so they never made their way to Burg Du Rott. Eventually, they were found by Vanstrom, and were killed.

Meanwhile the sect within Myreditch were also discovered, and all of them were killed. In the process, the Drakans got ahold of icyene blood, and began to organize an invasion of New Varrock. Likely, Vanescula still managed to kill both Drakans, though likely through some sneaky shenanigans.

Possibly by stabbing them in their sleep.

The RP would be similar to the scenarios that already happened, both in RP, and in River of Blood, only in this case, the undead hoard would be fighting the Vampyres, though they would not have any blisterwood, nor would they be nearly as prepared as the forces as the sides were during the canon events.
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