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Hey there! I'm a long time roleplayer, but I have never roleplayed in RS before, and I would love to get into it! Sadly, I can't seem to find any RP going on in the so called 'hotspots' and many of the forum posts here seem to be pretty established. Any groups accepting new roleplayers, maybe willing to show me the ropes? I'm eager to get started!

23-Jul-2017 03:42:47

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If you're okay with somewhat-gritty, nuanced survival in a tough terrain where everything wants to kill you while fighting for a good cause, then hit me up in-game! I'm just re-forming an old group from The Myreque. It'll be RP based in Morytania, and I'd be more than happy to help show you the ropes!
(The forum page will be "Beneath the Blood Sky", and will be up-and-completed soon.)
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23-Jul-2017 08:05:27

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The Guild of Heroes is always welcoming new members who are interested in adventure like roleplay.

That being said, standing around in Falador around EST afternoon/evening times is usually a good time for you to bump into roleplayers. Many of which own roleplay groups or are part of them, go check that out.
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23-Jul-2017 16:07:21

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Alternatively you may find the Kingdom of Forinthry has some more interesting opportunities to offer.

Take command of your own tribe in the Northern Wastes, be it of treacherous rogues, bandits that raid the south, a cult of necromancers or even a tribe of powerful Avernic Demons.
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