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RuneScape Road Trip

Welcome to the RuneScape Roadtrip! It’s always a great time to be a member, but those who have membership during May can look forward to something really special. The Community Team will be running a whole host of stamping sessions, which will happen twice a day every week throughout the entire month of May.

For those tasks you can’t finish or really don’t feel like doing, you can select it to be stamped by a JMod at one of the dedicated stamping sessions. All you need to do is rock up, relax and let us do the rest as we wiz around the area individually stamping passports at lightning speed.

The fun doesn’t stop there though as we’ll be enjoying a whole host of minigames and activities shortly after some of the stamping sessions, which we’re calling Super Sessions, so stick around for a game of Castle Wars, Clan Wars or other exciting events we’ll have on offer.

So, if you want to fast track your passport to completion, head down to one of the advertised sessions below! The highlighted events are our super stamping sessions, which means we’ll be continuing the fun with a minigame immediately after the stamping, so if you’re looking for crazy times with JMods and other players, get yourself down to the super sessions too!

We'll be stamping your passports across multiple worlds, with some mentioned only in the in game broadcast message, so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well.



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Awesome, looking forward to getting some of the tasks stamped off so I can get the partyhat firemaking :D

also this social media part sounds interesting, I will have to keep an eye out on twitter for it.

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Jolly Roger
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Can we tick of 2 tasks per day like this ? One completing by ourselfs and another stamped by a mod ? Opinions are like farts. Everyone is capable of one. Everyone can tolerate only their own.
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