Community Chronicle - 15/05

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Community Chronicle - 15/05

Welcome to another edition of the RuneScape Community Chronicle. Over the last two weeks, the Community Team have been busy stamping Road Trip journals and helping you get some awesome rewards. We’ve seen some amazing player creations, videos, and events too.

Just in case you haven’t already checked it out, the schedule for JMod stamping sessions can be found on the forums. Be sure to head along to those for a helping hand in filling in your journal! Plus, you can get involved with our social media Road Trip challenges, too – full details can be found here.

Video & Music

You may remember Mind (aka Abbieday), who featured previously in the Community Chronicle with her amazing musical composition: 'Waters of Catherby'. Well, she’s back! Abbie has put together a piece inspired by the elven forests, and with the upcoming release of Prifddinas - the elf city - there’s no better time to hear it.

If you’re wondering how to get the most out of one of our recent updates - Elder Divination - then Slayerholik has you covered. In his new video guide, he shares some of his top tips.

Fan Sites

RuneScape Wiki are hosting their own game of Pest Control on Saturday the 17th May at 7pm BST. Meet them on World 39 at the Void Knights’ Outpost – good luck!

We’ve also got Lunagang - another one of our fan sites - hosting a game of Castle Wars on Saturday the 17th of May at 2pm BST. The world will be announced in the ‘LunaEvents’ Friends Chat, so be sure to swing by there.

Finally, here's a brand new RuneScape service that's sure to come in handy. Scape.Tips is a brand new way to get RuneScape help and advice. Simply enter your question, hit ‘Ask an Expert’ and you’ll be connected to a live RuneScape expert who will help answer your question. Give it a try - we like it!


The Gladiatorz are hosting a few rounds of Castle Wars this weekend on Sunday the 18th May at 11pm BST. So, if you’re wanting to capture the flag, or defend your own, get down to world 24 and join the Friends Chat ‘The Gladiatorz’.

The Family Unity Network is hosting a one-day charity skilling competition, for a full 24 hours, starting at 12am BST on the 18th of May. There’s no specific location you’ll need to be in, just relax, put down your weapons and go skill! Head on over to their forum thread for full details.

Artwork & Pictures

Huge congratulations go to Xanthe Rowland, the winner of our Instagram competition. Her pet rabbit Loki can be seen proudly wearing a very fine Thieving cape. Be sure to follow us on Instagram too!

 Loki the 99 Thieving Rabbit

Our final feature in this Community Chronicle comes from Fernando Perazzo, who sent in an amazing drawing of Zaros!
Zaros Fan Art

A huge thank you to everyone who’s made a submission for this edition of the Community Chronicle. Don’t forget, you can send us your videos, artwork, or events to!

The Community Team

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wow, the music it's amazing, one of the most beutiful that I have listen in my life, just wow, just wow. Good Job.
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15-May-2014 12:25:03

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That rabbit is awesome!, Abbie has some awesome talent, and thanks for putting my video on the Community Chronicle too :)

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Thank you for featuring my music again! I'm really loving that artwork, and I might have to make a skillcape for my dog after seeing that bunny cape! >:3
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15-May-2014 13:54:51

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