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Hey everyone!

Our Sony television competition closed on Sunday and since then we've been going through your quest film posters to pick some of our favourites. After much deliberation and debate, we have managed reduce over 400 entries down to just 6 - something that proved incredibly difficult given the high standard of entries we received.

Our team of judges have ranked their favourites, but we'd love to get a range of other opinions and that's where you come in! Listed below are our 6 favourites - we simply need to you to post below saying which of the posters you think should be the winner! The results from your votes will have a 50% weighting on the final outcome (with the other 50% coming from our crack team of judges), so your input is very important!

We're only going to allow 24 hours for you to vote on this. Any votes cast after 10am BST on 18th September will not be counted. So, review all the finalists below and reply with your favourite! Please only vote once, if you submit more than one vote, then your post will not be counted.

A - Fate of the Gods by Mkoinnich

B - Missing Presumed Death by Rodney

C - Horror From the Deep by Kuznir

D - Lost City by Cadance

E - Ritual of the Mahjarrat by Vengeful Eye

F - Rune Mysteries by Matonym

Happy voting! :)

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D for me as well :) I must say though that A is close behind it, especially since it's really designed as a film poster!

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Definitely C.
A classic horror story. :D
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17-Sep-2014 10:13:34

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