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Afk training is being away from your keyboard while still training. But either way if you are not doing something and your character stops then you would just be sent to the lobby. Unless you are running a script that does the work for you then that is against runescape rules.
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20-Jun-2015 17:04:13

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and then u be afk is that ****irded runnning a scricpt but if the eoc i it attacks for u and does ur ablities for u and u dont have to do nothing is that considred botting ?

but i look at my screen all day unless i log off i train non stop all day will jagex think i am botting ?

20-Jun-2015 17:08:28

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Revolution/Auto-retaliation combat is an in-game mechanic -- you will not be punished for using it :P. As DieHunted stated, if you are forced to click every now and then on the screen to avoid hitting the Lobby due to inactivity, then you will be perfectly fine. .
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20-Jun-2015 17:37:31



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