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Mod Jon

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Happy Scapedependance day!

This first week end of Forum month, we are hosting a RuneScape picture contest.

To take part in this Gold competition you need to
'Dress like an American' and take the best 4th of July photo of your in-game avatar you possibly can.

To share your photo with us, please upload it to an image hosting site (like Imgur) and share the link in this thread. Yes we are allowing links to be posted this weekend, for the competition.

- Game card (worth £20) - Edit: I got mixed up between £ & $ so changed the value here accordingly. We don't do £25 game cards, only £20 ones. Sorry for the confusion.
- 7 days membership
- 200 RuneCoins
- Bonus XP Lamp
- Signed concept art

*Terms and Conditions
*Only one entry per person (so make it count!) - multiple entries will be discounted.
*This competition will close at 10:00 Game Time on 6th July
*No photoshop or any other photo editing software
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Ooh. Profiled for later. ^_^
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03-Jul-2015 13:20:02

Chow Chow
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I'm an American,... so I should have the home field advantage. Unless the stereotypes are just that out of whack. O_o (in it for the concept art!)

Here's my submission:

: The graphical model + Emote made my character clipped a bit, but this is a genuine unedited photo. :@
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03-Jul-2015 17:11:53

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Really, the way you guys picked the winner for the last competition, I'm surprised this is still going on. Seriously, you didn't take any of the entries for the last competition seriously. Some players actually put effort in their entries, and you just picked some random one that tickled your tummy as opposed to seriously thinking about it.

Why should anyone bother with these competitions when you just blow off the real talent? Like that "name your drake" competition where the winning name was "Fury." What was with that? Where was the creativity? You can't hold a creative competition if you're not awarding the creative entries.

I also thought I'd never have to say this, but don't insult U.S. citizens with this competition, okay?
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03-Jul-2015 19:24:54

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