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52nd Player Gallery-Nature's Takeover

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your patience. Here are the winner details for the 52nd Player Gallery.

For Nature's Takeover we had so many beautiful entries it was difficult to choose the winner, but the team all gave their opinions and here are the results. :)

If there wasn't a Guthix Butterfly, I wasn't able to include it in the competition. I've also shared some other pieces because they were just too good not to share!

1st place goes to kongu647 for the piece titled "Earthquake In Rimmington"

Ever wondered what RuneScape would be like if dragons took over? 2nd place goes Faithra for a piece called "Balance of Nature".

And 3rd place goes to CraftyKity for a piece titled "Guthix".

I really can't stress how difficult it is to choose a winner for Player Gallery competitions. There has clearly been a delay in this Player Gallery and there is a reason for it.

We're looking to make Player Gallery more efficient and organised. We want all the art work to be in the gallery so we're making some changes to the current structure. We'd like to thank everyone that has entered not only this Player Gallery but all previous competitions. Rest assured that every entry for the Player Galleries will be up on the wiki in the near future.

For now, here are some of the other entries for Nature's Takeover:

Respectfully: Anti-Socialx -
Araxxor's Forest
; Sevel -
Throughout The Years
Cherry Cake-
A Colourful Spring
; Razer151 -
Aggressive Woodcutting

Mr. Nobody-
In Memory
; V O R P A L-
; Virtual Wolf-
The Lands of Naragun
; Mrs Bhumi-
Meanwhile In Prifddines

And this wonderful cake by Nattieee... A lot of time and effort clearly went into this:

There were many more and sorry we can't share all of them on this forum post. Once the wiki is updated all valid entries will be posted. :)

Thanks for your patience. All winners will be contacted over this week.

Have a great day everyone!

EDIT: typo
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Great artwork guys :O. Some great artists out in the community.

Edit: Oooh first, a rare occasion :3
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ooh finally XD and woooh i actually made it in, i wasn't too late then :D thanks!

I personally think I like the Chinchompas the most that cuteness factor XD gaah XD although the idea of wildy growing plants again would be nice, at least I would understand how the butterflies would come to that sword hmm

and that cake is making me hungry...the size of it! Wow! And with all those decorations i'd not even know where to start *is glad if i manage a batch of brownies and that's it* i wonder what the filling is? I hope something with lots of chocolate *_* hmmmm~

Well i look forward to the wiki being updated eventually and hopefully there will be a new topic coming with that.

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Personally, I'm loving Mr. Nobody- In Memory the Sword of the Edicts fully over grown: the wilderness turned back into a land of lush green beauty. Forinthry revived, a scar healed, a balance restored; and nature returned. I want this to happen in RS for real: a 4th or 5th world event? Revive/Enhance Mage Arena God staffs!
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13-Jul-2015 19:18:11

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That cake looks amazing, got my vote anyway :p

Don't think I could make something that looks that good with my kitchen utensils even if I spent hours over the stove... Well done :)
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14-Jul-2015 12:31:00

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Great work as always, I do love seeing peoples entries. I look forward to the Player Gallery wiki update. So much talent around, it all needs to be seen!

Congratulations everyone :).
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Wish I had this much talent...^_^

Well done to all the entrants - I was blown away by the quality!
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