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Until 8th May, there are some awesome RuneScape benefits on offer for Twitch Prime members.

  • 1 month’s membership

  • Exclusive 'Prime Colossus' legendary pet

  • 15 Treasure Hunter Keys

  • 200 RuneCoins

This offer is available for a limited time only – if you’re on Twitch Prime, be sure to take advantage of this offer while you can!

The RuneScape Team

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is a new premium experience on Twitch that is included with Amazon Prime.

Benefits include bonus loot in your favourite games, ad-free viewing on Twitch, plus a channel subscription every 30 days.

Find out more about Twitch Prime.

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Mod William

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  1. What is Twitch Prime?

    Twitch Prime is a premium experience on Twitch that is included with an Amazon Prime membership. Twitch Prime includes bonus games and exclusive in-game content, a channel subscription every 30 days at no additional cost to be used on any Partnered channel, ad-free viewing on Twitch, exclusive emotes, and chat badge. Plus, get member pricing on new release box games on Amazon.

  2. Can you go into more specific details for each benefit?

    Twitch Prime includes the following benefits:

    • Ad-Free Viewing Experience Across Twitch: avoid viewing ads during the broadcast. Twitch Partners still get credit for ad impressions in connection with views for Prime members.

    • Twitch Channel Subscription: Prime members receive a Twitch channel subscription every 30 days at no additional cost to use on a Partnered channel of their choice. This includes access to all the exclusive channel-specific Subscriber perks that come with a regular subscription such as chat privileges, emoticons, badges, and more.

    • Member Access to Bonus Game Content: get access to select bonus games and in-game content that will be available through Twitch Prime at no additional cost. This includes early access to content before it is available to the general public.

    • Exclusive Member Savings on Physical Games: On Amazon, Prime members receive discounted pricing on physical new releases from pre-order through two weeks after launch, including on pre-orders and collector’s editions. Members also get release-day delivery, and the Pre-Order Price Guarantee, ensuring that on release day, you pay the lowest price offered on Amazon for these games, regardless of what the price was when you pre-ordered.

    • Exclusive Emoticons: access emoticons such as KappaHD, ScaredyCat, and others, reserved only for Twitch Prime and Turbo members.

    • Expanded Chat Color Options: set a chat color by toggling a set of 3 sliders (RGB). At time of purchase, you are presented with these options. These options can be changed at any time by going to your Prime Settings.

    • Member-Only Prime Chat Badge: reign supreme with a unique chat badge which can also be toggled on and off via Settings. Prime members are easily identified whenever they speak in any channel across Twitch, by a distinctive icon resembling a white crown on blue background.

  3. If I am a current Amazon Prime member - how do I get Twitch Prime?

    If you are already an Amazon Prime member, you obtain Twitch Prime at no additional cost by connecting your Amazon account to your Twitch account.

    Go to and click on Already have Amazon Prime? You get this for no additional cost. Just connect your Twitch account and follow the instructions.

    Click to connect your Amazon account to your Twitch account to access your benefits.

  4. If I’m not a current Amazon Prime member, how do I sign up?

    • Go to, and ensure your correct country of residence is displayed in the top right corner of the sign-up page.

    • Sign in or create an Amazon account.

    • Click to connect your Amazon account to your Twitch account to access your benefits.

    • Enter in your billing address and payment details, and start your membership!

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it keeps saying that runescape server can not handle my request right now i pasted code from twitch into the redeem prepaid card section that came up from the twitch prime add on main page

11-Apr-2017 22:14:40

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You guys are bonkers for not offering it to those who don't have ACCESS TO TWITCH PRIME. I'm not one of them, but I am upset for them that even the Gold Premier club members out of them don't get this shit for free (we haven't got squat).

On another note, the page is universally laggy and unresponsive for multiple players, myself included.

Worst. Promo. Ever. (Also I'm not into streaming, so this is 10000% useless to me, even if I go for it!)
Oh, I almost forgot.
Oh, I already forgot.

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Ah, the "Golden Katana" all over again... Already have VIP/Gold PREMIUM P2P, and have NO need for additional membership. Yet, hey, here's some cool items, only designed for new players really. Right? Screw loyalty... That doesn't mean much apparently, unless we get access to the same offer somehow too. Otherwise it's a complete insult.

*I too have little to no use for "streaming" either.
At least not at this point.
Yes, I have a Twitch. No, I never use it.
I tried when they added it to RS, but it only ever made my game crash.

*Figured out the Promo stuff. Got it anyway. Luckily, it wasn't too hard.
But I still feel bad for anyone that couldn't get it.
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