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18-Jul-2017 20:42:46

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Belated welcome. Played the game for (almost) 15 years (in fact I get my 15 year cape 48 days from the date I post this message!). Hope you enjoy your time working at JaGeX more than I enjoyed working at my last place.

13-Aug-2017 20:02:01

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@ sniffa line - your post was hidden as it contains details to your account, which should never be posted on the public forums, as that can compromise your account security.

Please see the Account Bans page in the Support Centre, for information on bans and appeals.

It sounds like you went to another website that was promising you free gp for posting, and that had a link claiming to be to the RS Forums but actually leads to a phishing site. Those people are not really giving away gp. They are trying to steal your account details.

Do not follow links that you have been given by others to access the RuneScape site. Instead type the address yourself, or use browser bookmarks that you have set yourself.

If someone is pressuring and/or bribing you to visit any website, even a YouTube or Facebook page, it's best to report them for advertising a website and then add them to your ignore list. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Support Centre pages which may prove useful:
Computer Security

If you need help in the future with account issues, it would be best if you posted in the Community Led Account Help Forum.

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
Account issues? ---> See Account Help

14-Aug-2017 15:40:01

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Nice to meet you! Wish you a good time over there.

I'm a big game of thrones fan as wel. Don't really have a favorite character, because there's always a chance they'll die. Haha :D
-= If you have any questions or need help pm me in-game! (Dutch/English) =-
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16-Sep-2017 13:07:09

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